What Is A Finish Nailer – The Ultimate Guide For Beginners!

So, you want to know what is a finish nailer, right? Well, a finish nailer is a gun that experts use on the last stage of wood projects for trimming. The key difference with the other guns is that it creates a hole in the wood and trims better. The nail gets deeper inside the wood to provide space for the hole. And carpenters would use putty to fill the gap.

And of course, the putty comes with the matched color of the wood. It helps to make the furniture look beautiful. Besides, the nails will be under the putty. So, this is tough to trace them. The concealing process is smarter than before with a finish nailer.

What is finish nailer used for? 

The primary reason for using a finish nailer is for trimming jobs. If you want a paneling in your living room, you can use it. Or for other smaller wood projects or molding, you can use the gun. However, they also play roles in preparing furniture too.

The nails can penetrate a certain depth of the wood. And when they are covered with putty, it appears there are no nails. As a result, the furniture gets a smart and stunning look.

However, some of the best applications of finish nailers are explained in brief here.

Finish Nailer's Uses


For furniture durability

People can use the finish nailers for making their furniture durable. Usually, the finish nailers go deep into the wood. So, the attachment of the elements is stronger. Besides, you can cover the nail holes, which adds a distinctive look. The furniture needs less maintenance. In the end, they become durable.

But it would not have been possible with the other nailers.


Perfect for large projects 

Besides, the finish nailers are suitable for larger projects. Generally, in a large project, people use various types of woods and panels. It becomes tough to select specific nailing guns while they need to attach elements. Therefore, a finish nailer can play the lead role here.

It comes with the feature to enter into the deeper of woods. Besides, the nails are smaller in size. So, they can perform better. Thereby, the carpenters can use the finish nailers to complete larger projects in less time.


Multiple nailing angels

If you want to make any specific nailing angel, you will need help from finish nailers. The nailers can enter both straight and in angel. So, when there are needs of straight or need to create an angel nailing, it can help.

The critical feature of angel nailing is that it lacks more space. The angel nails perform better on a tight space.

Types of Finish Nailers 

There are two types of finish nailers. They are:

  • Pneumatic nailers
  • Cordless nailers

Pneumatic nailers: such nailing guns run with an air compressor. The users are to attach a cord for supplying pressurized air inside the gun. The air pressure helps to insert the nail inside the woods. They are most suitable for wood projects on grounds.

Cordless nailers: The cordless nailers run with batteries. The machine gets power from rechargeable batteries. They are more convenient than the pneumatic ones. However, such devices are a bit heavier. They are applicable in different scenarios.

Tips for buying a finish nailer?

Selecting the right finish nailer is essential. Making a mistake in the selection may provide you a wrong experience. Besides, as a user, you may identify some other issues. Hence, the tips here will help you get some general ideas about finish nailer. Finally, you can have a suitable one for your business.

Check the hand grip

First of all, you need to check the grip. Since the users need to hold the handle all the time, it should be ergonomic. Also, observe the presence of rubber insulation or pads on the handle. The pads or rubbers help to prevent skidding.

Nail installation process

Besides, you need to check the nail installation. Often the users are in a rush. So, they need to install the nails inside the gun immediately. Before you get your gun, check the features and how quick the process is.

Simple maintenance feature

Maintenance of the gun helps to make it durable. But opening the gun in parts and cleaning them is tough. The majority of the users are reluctant to follow the process. Thereby check if the maintenance features are simple or not. In fact, you lack time to spend after the gun.

The best idea is tool-free maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes, the gun may get jammed. Getting a tool might not be feasible too. The tool-free maintenance feature will help to clear the jams. And it will be operational within a short time again.

Weight matters

At the same time, you need to check the weight of the finish nailer. Generally, the ones that come with battery are heavier than the corded ones. Their application processes are different, as well. The excessive weight may hamper the project activities. So, it is better to compromise about it when the gun is an important issue.

Nail firing selection

Besides, check on the nail firing selection process. The finish nailer should come with either bumping or sequential nailing. Some of the guns come with both features. Using the sequence, you can insert the nails one after another. With the bumping, the nailing process is faster.

Any differences between finish nailers and brad nailers?


There is no straight answer to this question. Both the nailers are essential for wood projects. But there are some minor differences available between brad and finish nailers. The brad nailers are for lightweight projects. In contrary, you can use the finish nailers for hardwoods too.

With a finish nailer, the users can use the standard gauge sizes. They perform better too. But the brad nailers use 18 gauge nails. The use of finish nailer is versatile while bard nailers are not.

Last words

Hope you are aware now about what is a finish nailer. To get some detailed idea about what is a finish nailer used for, get some small-scale wood projects. It will help you know the facts in person. And you will get some extraordinary home improvements as well.

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