What Is A Brad Nailer – Facts You Have To Know

Have you ever undertaken DIY projects for home improvements? Well, if not, you are unfamiliar with a brad nailer. You are here to get some in-depth ideas about the machine. Wood fixing or attaching particle boards is easier now with such a device. The nail head is smaller and connects a couple of thin woods or plywood.

You can use this is a specialized gun for several purposes. Minor-scale woodworks at home are incomplete without this brad nailer. Few other aspects of this machine are explained here. So, let’s start.

What is a Brad Nailer?

When you have a hobby for woodworks, you will need a brad nailer. Joining the lightweight wood planks is nearly impossible without this device. This wood attaching device comes with several features.  

What is a brad nailer used for?

Well, a brad nailer comes with some simple applications. Using such a device, you can insert the nail inside the wood. To make a cabinet or a table, or to mold woods, there are fewer alternatives.

The visual perspective of the brad nailer is smart too. They are smaller in size and shape. So, the application process is easier than similar other machines. The binding power of the gun helps to inject the nail in the wood. As a result, you are getting a solid piece of a cabinet or whatsoever.

Designed for lightweight woods

Remember, a brad nailer is designed for lightweight woods. If you plan to have some heavier tasks, you may face trouble. Binding would not be perfect. Besides, the nail may go in the wrong direction as well. The outcome will be dissatisfactory.

Moreover, if you try to apply the gun on natural woods, ensure the timber is thinner. Usually, the nails used in this gun is unable to penetrate the denser woods. Even there might be some untoward issues during the gun application.

Risks related to the machine 

There are less or almost zero risks associated with a brad nailer. But before you apply, make sure the wood level is thin. If the thickness is not up to the mark, the nail may break. Or the nail may not perform rightly.

Creates strong bond between objects 

Woodwork is a crafty matter. To get the finest wood products, there should be a bond between or among the woods. Many of the carpenters apply special adhesives. But those are not sustainable. Using the brad nailer solves all the issues.

The insertion of a nail inside the thin wood creates a strong bond. As a result, the wooden products for home improvements turn durable. The users can apply the products for each of their needs.

Sizes of nailers 

For the convenience of the users, the brad nailers could be used with various nail sizes. The most popular size of the nailers is the 18-gauge one. It comes with a thin pin. Besides, there is another nailer that comes with 21-gauge.

But the latter one is not applicable everywhere. When you are remodeling your home, you can use the 18-gauge nailer. The nails are long enough to pierce the thin woods and craft your furniture.

Types of brad nailers

There are two basic types of brad nailers available. They are:

  • Pneumatic Brad Nailer
  • Electric Brad Nailer

The gun runs with compressed air. The air helps to force the nail inside the wood or plywood. Such brad nailers are time-saving too and provide quality finishing. Based on the operation method, different sizes are available of this gun.

Safety precautions 

No matter if you use an electric brand nailer or the pneumatic one, be careful about safety. Majority of the incidents occur with the pneumatic one. The compressed air can cause trouble if you cannot handle rightly. But the rates of accidents are less with electric ones.

Thereby, it is imperative to prepare a first-aid kit all the time when you are in action.

Price matters 

Getting the electric brad nailer will ask you to increase your budget. But the pneumatic ones are relatively lower in prices. However, if you consider the durability, the power-run gun lasts longer. And there are fewer maintenances. Besides, they come with corded or cordless features too. So, it would be wise to get the electric one.

In contrary, you can also have the pneumatic one for your everyday use. You can also leave a comment on the comment section about your experience regarding the price.

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Last words

Brad nailers are available in several styles and shapes. So, if you plan for home improvement or minor woodworks, be selective in this process. Follow the operation manual to get a general idea about the machine operation. With the proper maintenance, you can use your device for a long time.

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