Types of Nail Guns – What Users Ignorant About

The use of nailers is vital for woodworks or home improvement. But without knowing about the types of nail guns, this is not wise to undertake any tasks. There are different types of nailers, and they have replaced the manual performance. So, you must know the types before moving for applications.

The most critical issue is the way of use on different types of wood surface. Remember, not all nail guns can penetrate all types of wood surfaces. Thereby, if you know the standards like the types of framing nailers, you can ride on the job.

A brief guide about the types of nail guns is here. They will provide you with the right knowledge. You can decide on the kinds of jobs and nailers for the best outcome.

Types of common nail guns

  • Framing Nailer 
  • Flooring Nailer
  • Palm Nailer
  • Roofing Nailer
  • Siding Nailer
  • Pin Nailer
  • Brad Nailer
  • Finish Nailer

Framing Nailer

When you are looking for some massive and significant operations, the framing nailers are the best. They can insert nails inside dense woods and floors. The nails size is over 3 inches. So, you can imagine how heavy the performance is.Experts suggest using the framing nailers for building decks, for wood sheathing, or making rooms. Besides, you can also apply the framing nailers for making fences around your homestead.

  • The types of framing nailers

Basically, there are two types of framing nailers. One comes with a round hear while the other one is clipped head. You can use the second one for large projects. The capacity of holding nails is more for the clipped head nailers. On the other part, the round head nailers can hold fewer pins than the former one.     

Flooring Nailer

Experts apply the flooring nailers for some quick applications. They come with an exclusive look which makes them different than the usual nailers. They can work effectively on the floorboards.

With the support of a nylon mallet, the plunger gets the hit. As a result, the nails penetrate the wood pointed in particular angel. Besides, it also ensures the right depth. The users need not check the depth after every hit.

  • Types of flooring nailers

There are two types of flooring nailers. The first one is pneumatic while the second one is manual. The application process remains the same for both the types but the pneumatic nailer uses air pressure for operation.

Palm Nailer

Have you ever seen a mini nail gun? Well, if not, the palm nailers can fill your desire. They generally fit on a palm. But the working mode is almost similar like a standard nailing gun. The users will get the operation on a smaller scale. The straps with the gun secure while nailing on the wood surface.

  • Types of palm nailers

They are available in three varieties – pneumatic, cordless, and electric. But the users are more comfortable with the cordless ones as they run with batteries and ensure mobility.  The nail sizes vary from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches in length.

Roofing Nailer

For some specific substantial duty performance, you can use the roofing nailers. They are nearly similar to the framing nailers. Without professionals, they are not that much applied for wood nailing projects.

The most crucial issue of this gun is the speed. The nails can penetrate the wood surface like lightning. So, people who are looking for some quick jobs can have this one. 

  • Types of roofing nailers

The roofing nailers come with three different types. They are – spring-loaded, pneumatic, and solenoid. Remember, such nailers, are applicable for roofing jobs only.

Siding Nailer

Troubled for siding installation? Well, you need the siding nailers. They are the perfect piece that will help to install a wooden mount. They are reliable and similar to the framing nailer. Interestingly, the siding nailers can join larger wood pieces.

They are not available in different types. And you can use nails between one and two inches. Moreover, some of the models use aluminum nails for aluminum sidings.

Pin Nailer

Carpentry projects remain incomplete without the pin nailers. They are delicate in types and look smaller than other nailing guns. Besides, they also support the headless nails symbolic to pins used for attaching objects. 

But the users have to use adhesive to hold the wood joints even after using pin nails. No variety of this nailer is available.

Brad Nailer

For holding the woods effectively, there are fewer alternatives to brad nailers. They are applicable in places where finishing is necessary. Experts suggest using 15-16 gauge nails on a brad nailer for better performance.

The nailer has no variety.

Finish Nailer

To finish your woodwork, you must need a finish nailer. Without specific nails, this is almost impossible to complete a carpentry job. So, if you are on crown molding or making a baseboard, you have to use finish nailer. 

Safety tips

To use a nailing gun, the users have to follow specific safety measures. Lack of safety may result in serious physical injury. So, experts recommend following the tips below.

  • Get your safety gears: before you start nailing operation, you must wear safety gears. Ensure the gears cover your limbs like hands, fingers, head, and eye.
  • Checking the gun: besides, you have to check the nailers before pressing the trigger. Loading and unloading the guns securely is also essential.
  • Testing: at the same time, you must have some test fires with the nailing guns. If the nailers malfunction, you have the provision to take corrective measures.


Q: Can I use any types of nailers for roofing?

A: No, you cannot. Instead of other nailers, use the roofing nailers.

Q: How many types of nail guns are there?

A: There are eight types of nail guns available, and they perform various kinds of carpentries.

Q: What to do if a nail gun jam?

A: First of all, press the jam reliever switch. If it does not work, unload the magazine and reload again. Hope, the problem will be solved.

Last words

Knowledge about the types of nail guns here will help the amateurs to turn into an expert. Besides, you can select the types of nailers for your respective carpentry jobs. But use the types of framing nailers for only their intended purpose.

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