How to Use A Nailer – The Basic Guide for Beginners

Many of the users have a question dancing around their head – how to use a nailer. Well, this is an important issue to ponder. Generally, a nailer or nailing gun helps to complete significant and minor woodworks. If you want to improve your home using DIY tips, this is a must.

Situations appear when the users are unable to use the nailer properly. They experience different types of untoward events. Consequently, improvements take more time. And quality sees degradation. Knowing to use a nailer will help you complete the jobs smoothly.

The guideline below contains relevant information for your disposal.

Know the types of nailer

First of all, users need to know the nailer types. There are several types of nail guns available. But experts have separated them into three basic types. They are:

Crown stapler – this is a light type of nailer. Generally, people use a crown stapler for cabinet making, improving metal sliding, and installing trim on woods or for furniture making. Considering the needs, you have to select the crown stapler to perform the jobs.

Brad nailer – they are the second type. If you need small trim on woods or for moderate woodworking, you can use it. Experts who do not want to use putty on woods also prefer the brad nailers. 

Finish nailer – this is the last type. When you want to install an outdoor fascia or need a heavy trim work, this is the perfect tool. Besides, the application of finish nailer is also seen for decorative accents.

Check the components 

Generally, a nailer comes with several components. It has the following parts.

  • Safety tip
  • Jam release latch
  • Magazine
  • Loading chamber
  • Magazine release button
  • Trigger switch & Battery

Before you start the operation, check all the components are up to the mark. If there are any inconsistencies, you need to consult with the seller or manufacturer. 

How to use a nailer?

The using process is simple for the experts. But initially, it may appear weird to the beginners. The steps are explained here gradually.

4 step Guide


Check the components 

Checking the components is this step; you have to check all the elements. Make sure all the components are attached correctly, lest you are not in trouble during the nailing process.


Nail loading


Loading the nail on the magazine is the second step. The process is simple. First of all, you have to remove the battery. It will help to discard the undesired operation of the device. After removing the battery, you have to load the nail on the magazine.

Now, load the nail. Press the magazine release button. You can find a space to insert the nail bundle. So, place the nails in the empty space. Bring the magazine into its former position. The release button will sit into position. Nail loading is complete.


Set the air pressure


Since most of the nail guns work with air pressure, you have to select the air pressure level. There is a knob on the back part of the nail gun handle. Check the status and set the knob to your desired extent. Basically, it selects the nailing depth inside the wood.

If you want to get the nail deep inside the wood, the air pressure needs an increase. Or, if you plan to reduce the nail depth, decrease the pressure.

Similarly, you can also set the depth drive adjustment. The depth drive adjustment bar is located in the front part. Check the front section, and you will get a movable bar. By rotating the bar into left and right, you can adjust the drive depth.


Testing the gun


Your nail loading is complete, and it needs some testing. So, you can test the nailer on some scrap woods. Check the nailing is perfect or needs any further adjustment. Check the depth of the nail. If the nail depth is not on the desirable level, you have to adjust it.

If the nail depth is more or invisible from outside, you need to readjust the depth. But if it is okay with your needs, that is fine too.

After all the testing and assessment is complete, you are ready to roll with the nailer. 

Follow the safety tips

Remember, using a nailing gun is a dangerous job. It is associated with several types of physical injuries. If you are ignorant about the safety precautions, you may injure yourself severely. At times, it may happen that the nail is inside your finger. Or it may pull out from the nailer and hurt your eyesight.

Therefore, experts recommend using some safety gears. For instance, you can use gloves during the entire operation. Besides, using glass is a plus. It can protect eyesight. The best protection will appear if you use a helmet.

Moreover, you can also use protective shoes when working on a ground level. The protective shoes will save your feet from potential injury. It may happen that the nails are around or may get out of the wood. So, they can hurt your feet. Thus, use safety shoes for complete protection.


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Last Words

Now you know how to use a nailer- right? Whenever you plan for a nailing job, ensure you follow the proper measures, and complete the project smoothly. Wishing you success for your next DIY home improvement project.

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