Best Siding Nailer- Our Top Pick For 2022

Roles of the best siding nailer, such as BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer, are undeniable in all types of carpentry. The best nailer for siding helps to join the wood sides without causing damage to the materials. But the view was different during the absence of the siding nailer.

As a carpenter in hobby, I know how it feels when I do not get the right types of the nailer. I felt the need for a siding nailer during the installation of sides to one of my DIY projects.

However, you need to have more know-how and skills about these types of nailers as they are new in the family. Therefore, we have collected ten siding nailer reviews here. The discussions are enriched with essential information.

Hope you will get some reliable information about the best siding nailer from the reviews. And accordingly, you can have the right one for your carpentry needs. The reviews are here.

How we picked the nailer guns?

Well, it was not an easy task for us to select the right one amid hundreds of brands. Most of them had similar features, and we had to face the troubles. Moreover, we also had interviewed some of the carpenters.

They also recommended some features and facts. Besides, we also had talks with the sellers. When talking with them, I tried to get info about which one was sold most. Based on the answers, we have set the list.

The reviews will reveal the potential features, merits, and demerits of the nailers. Let’s start exploring them.    

1. BOSTITCH Coil Siding Nailer, 1-1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch (N66C)

When I had a face-to-face interview with another DIYer like me, he told me that he needs an adjustable depth guide. Most of the siding nailers do not have the depth adjustment features. So, it becomes tough to drive the nails to a certain depth. According to his recommendation, we found this BOSTITCH coil siding nailer.

Besides, I found this nailer as lightweight. The design of the housing comes with magnesium, which ensures the durability of this nailer too. Most importantly, as a carpenter or user, you can adjust the nail depths easily. Moreover, the exhaust is tool-free and adjustable. 

Further, if you need a perfect finishing and quick completion of your project, this is the right tool for you. The soft rubber foot will help to prevent damages on the surface, which is a significant concern for you.

Positive Sign

  • Adjustable nail depth
  • Durable and multipurpose application
  • Usable with different types of nails
  • Can perform in several platforms
  • The magazine holds 350 nails
  • Aluminum construction

Negative Sign

  • Frequent nail jam
  • No carry case with the device

2. Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic 15 Degree 2-1/2" Coil Siding Nailer

After some discussion with a couple of professional carpenters, I came to know about the weight issues. Due to the heavyweight of the nailers, carpenters face several types of troubles. You may have muscle aches, fatigue, and other relevant matters. But if the nailer is lightweight, there are no such issues, and you can hold the gun as long as you want.

So, it was the selection of this particular siding nailer from Freeman. This nailer is designed for professionals to hold it for a long time. Moreover, magnesium construction is the other feature that will help you fall in love at first sight. It has an anodized aluminum magazine.

The anti-dust cap also prevents entering dust inside the motor. So, you can use it for a long time without any significant trouble.

Positive Sign

  • Compatible with all 13 and 14 gauge wire/ plastic siding nails
  • Adjustable exhaust
  • Quick and straightforward nail jam release 
  • The oil-free design saves time during operation
  • Magazine angel is 15 degrees 
  • Seven-year professional warranty

Negative Sign

  • Double firing is a common issue
  • Cannot perform consistently

3. Max HN65 High Pressure Siding & Decking Nailer

When I was set to complete a home improvement project, I experienced the most terrible event. The nailer was not capable of driving the nails through a one and a half inches of wood. It was a concerning issue for me indeed. Like me, many other DIYers have also suffered the same troubles.

But if you have a stronger gun, you can get rid of the issue in a short time. Generally, the siding nailers from Max come up with extraordinary power. They can drive the nails even through the toughest woods, and this is possible for the stronger motor.

At the same time, versatility is the other feature of this carpentry gear. You can drive several types of nails through this gun. But the mainstream siding nailers won’t allow using other than the prescribed nails. The lightweight device is also easy to carry anywhere you want.

Positive Sign

  • Anti-double firing mechanism
  • Maintenance-free device
  • Adjustable depth control with dial
  • No recoil while firing and magazine holds up to 400 nails
  • Interchangeable contact nose
  • Rubber grip for extra comfort

Negative Sign

  • Price is a bit higher
  • For professionals only

4. Makita 2-1/2" Siding Coil Nailer

As I love to have some home carpentry as part of my hobby, I know the importance of firing modes. Well, I think if you are a carpenter, you’ll also agree with my point. Without several firing modes, this is nearly impossible to complete carpentry. In fact, you will need to select several firing modes for separate purposes.

So, our expert team has selected this Makita 2-1/2 inches siding nailer. It has three separate firing modes – lock, contact, and sequential. So, you can easily control your nailing on surfaces. Moreover, the air filter (built-in) also helps to prevent dust from entering the machine. As a direct consequence, you will get a durable gun.

Besides, the device is versatile, as well. It comes with an easy loading canister. You can adjust the nail size quickly and efficiently through the canister. The tool-less depth adjustment is the other feature to love.

Positive Sign

  • Multi-directional exhaust
  • Nine settings depth adjustment
  • Rubber bumper for surface protection
  • Scratch prevention
  • Rubber grip prevents fatigue
  • Reduced noise with professional quality

Negative Sign

  • Goes out of order for no substantial reason
  • Frequent internal troubles

5. Dewalt DW66C-1 Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer

During the interviewing process, we also asked some professionals what was the critical problem for them while using a siding nailer. Most of them replied about the adjustment issues. They need something which requires no tools for adjustment.

Remembering their recommendation, we have selected this Dewalt DW66C-1. It owns the feature of tool-free adjustment. Thereby, you will need less time to make any adjustments while firing nails. Moreover, this product can also drive several types of nails. You can use plastic nails as well as the wire weld ones.

At the same time, you will have the option to adjust the depth of the nails quickly too. Some of the siding nailers keep their footprint on the working surface. But this one is free of such issues. It has rubber foot aids that prevent surface damages.

Positive Sign

  • Adjustable exhaust.
  • Lightweight aluminum housing.
  • Drives wire weld and plastic nails.
  • Easy depth drive adjustment.
  • User fatigue reduced.
  • Bumpers for surface protection

Negative Sign

  • Nail bents easily.
  • Nail jamming is a common issue.

Let’s take a pause!

Is there any exciting incident in your life while nailing? Well, I had experienced one of such events. During the early days of using nailing guns, I made a mistake. Instead of loading the nails, I started nailing.

Finally, the outcomes were terrible. The project took more time than expected to complete as I had to repeat the nailing for the mistake.

So, this is important to check is the nailer is loaded or not.

6. Hitachi NV65AH2 Coil Siding Nailer, 2-1/2-Inch

Hitachi is a reliable name for different types of home improvement tools. This time, the manufacturer has appeared with an excellent siding nailer. The nailer is filled with features and merits. Most importantly, you will have the optimum use of the nailing gun.

Despite being a recent introduction, this NV65AH2 comes with the most impressive features. The nailer accepts different types of coil nails. Besides, the adjustable air deflector helps to save face during operation. The lightweight feature and compact design have made it a must for carpentry.

Simultaneously, it comes with a 5-year warranty. So, if you are having trouble with the device in this period, you can get some free repairs. Besides, it makes less noise during operation. Many of the carpenters cannot tolerate the noise. Therefore, it would be a relief for them.

Positive Sign

  • Powerful and efficient device
  • Selective actuation switch.
  • Side loading magazine.
  • Depth adjustment dial for convenience.
  • Wire and plastic sheet nails using.
  • Rubber grip lasts longer.

Negative Sign

  • Nail jamming is prevalent.
  • Works better on plywood.

7. Dewalt DW66C-1R 15 Degree 2-1/2 inches Coil Siding Nailer (Renewed)

Some misconceptions prevail about the renewed nailers. Most of the users are in the concept that those products do not last long. And they also believe that those devices do not perform up to the mark. But all the thoughts are not right always. Surely there might be some defects, but this Dewalt DW66C is an exception.

While using this corded siding nail gun, you will find something interesting. The device is compatible with several types of nails. You can use either the plastic nails or the wire ones. This handy feature has made it a remarkable product.

We have selected this best nailer for siding for some particular reasons. First of all, you can set the device easily while the air exhaust system is adjustable. The aluminum construction also ensures the durability of this nail gun.

Positive Sign

  • The wear-resistant feature ensures durability
  • Aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic grip reduces fatigue
  • Drives plastic and wire nails.
  • Lightweight product with exquisite design.

Negative Sign

  • Nail jamming
  • Bumpers may break.  

8. Ouya CN55R 13-Gauge 1-Inch to 2-1/4-Inch Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer Kit

It was tough for the team to find out a suitable one that fits both the home and commercial needs. Accordingly, we underwent research and also interviewed some of the professionals. Lastly, we got this Ouya CN55R. This is an impressive device for carpentry, especially for siding.

The nailer is fast too. You can drive three nails in a single second to any surface. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the adjustments. Almost all the modifications of this device are tool-free. It also takes less time to make adjustments.

On the other part, the rubber grip of the device helps reducing fatigue. Many of the carpenters feel this issue too much irritating. So, they seek some device which can prevent fatigue. Only the grip of the device can do so, and this nailer has the same feature.

Positive Sign

  • Faster nailing speed
  • Strong motor for extra durability
  • Adjustable depth drive feature
  • Rubber grip for additional comfortability
  • High capacity magazine
  • Lightweight device

Negative Sign

  • Misfire is a common trend
  • Frequent nail jamming.

9 Makita 2-1/2" Siding Coil Nailer

We have returned to Makita again as we couldn’t resist introducing another nailer of this brand. The nailer comes with some specific features which are unavoidable in carpentry. The product has nine detent settings with tool-free adjustments.

Moreover, this device can drive both wire and plastic nails. So, there are no worries if you select a plastic nail or a wire. The adjustment of nail size is also simple for a clear loading canister. Reloading of nails will take less time now as you can see the nail quantity from outside.

Rubber grip of this nailer ensures comfortable handling. Many of the carpenters cannot hold the device for long. It happens as the grip is uncomfortable. The experience would be pleasant here. Besides, there is less noise while operation with this specific Makita siding nailer.

Positive Sign

  • Ease of use features
  • Over 300 nail magazine
  • Easy loading canister
  • Separate mode selector
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Comes with accessories

Negative Sign

  •  Not for professional use.
  • May malfunction.

10 Duo Fast - 502950 0 Degree Coil Siding Nailer DF225C - Air Compressor Powered

Can you answer what the most convenient feature of a siding nailer is?

The answer may vary, but most of the experts back the view of weight. Yes, the device needs to be lightweight. Besides, it should also come with the feature of tool-free adjustment. Almost all the carpenters are on the view that alignment with tools consumes much time. Hence, the siding nailers should have this feature.

On the other point, durability is another issue that you can expect from this Duo Fast -502950. The durable construction makes it more attractive. A clear magazine also helps to know about the latest updates of the nails inside. So, the manufacturer has added a clear magazine with this nailer.

Switching trigger is the other feature that you’ll love most. The device allows you to move in separate firing modes. Rubber grip also ensures comfort while using the nailer.

Positive Sign

  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Trigger switching
  • No surface scratching
  • Adjustable depth drive
  • Belt hook for easy carrying

Negative Sign

  •  Nail misfiring
  • Air leaking while nailing

Things to consider while buying the best siding nailer

Well, you are now aware of the features and specifications of some of the best siding nailers. But getting a product is tough. When I was selecting the nailers, I also experienced the same. Usually, the beginners are in hot water while choosing the siding nailer.

Considering this issue in particular, we have made some short guidelines for them. Not only the beginners, if you are an advanced user, you can also get some benefit. We have compiled some of the key features to look for while selecting the nailer.

Moreover, you will get some precise ideas about selecting the top one. Let’s start exploring the remaining part.

Check your needs 

The first and most crucial issue is to check your requirements. Please do remember that the siding nailers are for small-scale jobs. If you are a professional, you may not expect to have the right amount of service from the siding nailer.

You can use the nailer for the siding to a wall. If you use wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, you can apply the nails here.


During the research part, before writing the reviews, we had interviewed professionals. Though I am a DIYer, I also had my opinion here. Weight is an important issue to consider. In fact, due to weight, most of the carpenters feel fatigued. If the device is with less weight, there would be no fatigue.

Therefore, if you are looking for a siding nailer, mind about the weight. Make sure the carpentry gear comes with a lightweight feature.

Body construction

Experts also ask to check the body construction. If the body is made with plastic or hard plastic, chances are higher that it will get a shorter lifespan. Instead, if the body belongs to aluminum or metallic construction, it will last longer.

It is wise to check the body construction and experts recommend to have one with aluminum or metallic body.


At the same time, you need to check on the nails. Some of the siding nailers use only a single type of nails. Either you have to use plastic nails or wire nails. In opposite, you can have some siding nailers which can drive both types of nails using the same gun.

So, we recommend getting one of those nailers which can drive both the nails. It is economical and time-saving as well.

Tool-free adjustment

Conventional carpenters are on the view that depth and other adjustments consume a good chunk of their working hours. So, if there is a tool-free adjustment, they can save time and invest the moments for productivity.

Hence, you must look for this feature. The device should come with a tool-free adjustment to release the jam or to set the nailing depth. 


You may wonder about the bumper, but this is an essential aspect for the siding nailer. When you drive the nails in any surface, it will leave a mark if there is no bumper. Having a rubber bumper will help to prevent scratches on the working surface.

Many of the users may ignore the fact, but it would be wise to check this particular issue. You must look for a bumper in the nailer front.

Trigger mechanism

Triggers help to drive the nails inside the wood surfaces. At times, you will need several triggering mechanisms. Sometimes, you may need to have a sequential firing, or you may also need single shots. So, the device should allow you to switch between the firing modes. And check your nailer has the feature.

Safety Tips while using the best siding nailer

Our experts also have recommended some of the safety issues. They are explained in brief here.

-         Wear safety gear: you must use safety gear while using the best siding nailer. They will help to prevent physical injuries.

-         Proper aiming: besides, you also need to aim before you pull the trigger. Unless you aim at the surface you drive, you may miss the target. And it may cause trouble too.

-         Magazine loading and unloading: moreover, you should also know how to load and unload the nailer magazine. Numbers of accidents occur as the users lack the knowledge about loading or unloading the nailer magazine.


What is a power source for a siding nailer? 

What is a firing method?

How to clear nail jams?

Last words

Getting the best siding nailer would turn easier now. Most of the pros and cons are explained here. And they will increase your know-how and expertise. Surely you can purchase the best nailer for siding with ease now.

Happy carpentry!