Searching the best pin nailer? Pick the piece that matches you

Can you imagine how much efforts a craftsman provides to make the woodwork look aesthetic? Well, most of the people lack the idea. And they also cannot think how the best pin nailer contributes to this process. Carpentry remains half done if there is no best 23 gauge pin nailer.

So, we will try to provide a complete sense about the 23 gauge pin nailer and how they benefit carpentry. Moreover, the discussion will also focus on 23 gauge pin nailer reviews.

That portion, in particular, will render some comprehensive thoughts to the readers.

In the end, the potential DIYers and carpenters will have sufficient facts and information. And they can have their ideal pin nailer for everyday carpentry.

Usage of 23 gauge pin nailer

Generally, a pin nailer is applied in cases of bonding lightweight woods or wood pieces. They lack the durability like the other types of nailers.

And they are smaller in size and headless. So, the operation is special. A 23 gauge pin refers that the users can drive 23 pins in a single inch. So, this is clear that those pins are too smaller in size.

Interestingly, the nailing gun is also delicate and smaller than its cousins. But there are some specific models which can shoot larger pins as well. Accordingly, the nailer size also increases to some extent. Now, let’s check the usage of the 23 gauge pin nailer.

For Additional Support: When you are on carpentry, you need some extra support to hold the wood pieces. The other nailing guns from the family cannot provide that support. But a pin nailer joins the wood pieces or items together.

For Thin Finishing: In contrary, a pin nailer can provide a thin finish. If you are a perfectionist, this is a must for you. A pin nailer can attach light furniture or woods for a particular time to have the right amount of finishing.

For Accuracy: Moreover, if you need accuracy while driving nails into woods, pin nailers are the best choice. Most of the experts and professional carpenters support this point without a second thought. The pin nailers can drive the pin in the exact spot you aim at.

Short-term bonding: At times, carpenters need to hold something for a temporary period. If they apply the other types of nailers, they have to spend more time to remove the nails. But with the 23 gauge pin nailers, the entire process is effortless.    

Safety tips while using 23 gauge pin nailer 

If you browse the best 23 gauge pin nailer reviews, the majority of them will recommend for safety precautions. The pin nailers are almost harmless. But if you are unaware of the safety issues, you may fall victim of injuries, marks and other factors. 

Considering the safety grounds, our reviewing experts have proposed a few of the necessary safety precautions. Here they go.

Holding the gun rightly

First of all, you need to hold your best pin nailer correctly. Make sure you have a firm grip during operation. Besides, you may also need to check the trigger speed. Experts suggest making some mocks on scrap woods to test the trigger.

Wearing safety gears

Secondly, you have to wear safety gears. Initially, it may appear troublesome to wear safety gears continuously. But once it turns into a habit, you will feel comfortable. The gears will protect your body and limbs from unexpected injuries and accidents.

Checking the power outlets

Some of the incidents have been reported about the motor damage due to faulty power outlet. So, before you start operation with a 23 gauge pin nailer, check what sort of outlet it needs. Alongside the outlet, you can also check the user manual for power consumption instruction.

Five best pin nailer review 

We know how it feels when you don’t have the right product to finish your carpentry. And we also have seen many DIYers to suffer as they don’t have the best 23 gauge pin nailer.

However, this is tough too to select the perfect 23 gauge pin nailer — hundreds of factors to consider. But the 23 gauge pin nailer reviews here will remove all the paradoxes.

Before our top five selection, we underwent a medium-scale survey in the markets. We also had talked directly with professionals. Minding all the grounds, we have selected the carpentry gears below.

Explore the product reviews and select that fits your criteria.

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1. Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

Efficiency always relies on the promptness of action or reaction. When you are on carpentry, a similar approach goes on. Considering the grounds of quick performance, we have selected this Hitachi NP35A. This is a smart 23 gauge pin nailer with a rapid performance.

The pin nailing gun is suitable for several types of small carpentry and home improvements. If you want to attach some delicate materials firmly, this is the right device. The most crucial part is that it does not cause any damage to the working surface. 

Besides, the pin gun can drive nails into the surface with high speed and accuracy. Sometimes, the users need to insert nails with a pause. Or, they also need to push the pins in a rapid action. For them, this is a reliable product.


  • Soft nose tip for surface protection  
  • Durable product with aesthetic design
  • A lightweight device with easy depth adjustment
  • Fewer nail jams and misfiress
  • Automatic pin adjustments with the sliding magazine


  • Power connectivity is complex 

2. BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge 1/2-Inch to 1-3/16-Inch Pin Nailer

During our research, we had the option to discuss numerous aspects with pin nailer users. Many of them felt problems with the power control issue. Some of them were unable to adjust the power to control the depth with the compressor.

So, we ranked this product in the second position for its power control adjustability. Moreover, the product has an aluminum basing which ensures durability. The grip is also ergonomic and reduces fatigue. This lightweight (2.5 pounds) device has a larger magazine. Its magazine holds 200 nails.

Bostitch takes humble pride in this product for innovative technology and performance. Assembly and disassembly of this nailer are simple too. If you are looking for a comfortable trimming job, this is your constant companion.


  • Powerful, durable motor
  • Easy compressor adjustment setting
  • 200 nail magazine for consistent performance
  • Rear exhaust, belt hook
  • Less weight with a seven-year warranty


  • Safety lever on the wrong position

3 Freeman PP123 Pneumatic 23-Gauge 1" Micro Pinner Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun

Usual budget for the best pin nailer or the best 23 gauge pin nailer is relatively low. But some of the manufacturers arrange for a few specific features within this budget. Freeman PP123 a 23 gauge pin nailer that has all the relevant features.

If you need to have some hard jobs, this pneumatic nailer can deliver that. Driving pins into any specified depth is not a problem now. The hole remains almost invisible while the pins enter into the woods with smoothness.

The ergonomic handle and reversible belt are the other attractions. The trigger has the best safety mechanism to prevent misfire and accidents.


  • Durable aluminum body construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Supports professional types of carpentry
  • Strong motor
  • Comes with accessories


  • Nail missing and double nail is a problem

4. NuMax SP123 Pneumatic 23 Gauge 1" Micro Pin Nailer

When we asked an expert about the pin nailer using risks, he replied accidental misfiring. This is a significant problem. You do not know when an unintentional trigger pressing may happen. Even, that guy (a carpentry professional) had fired a pin on his belly a couple of months ago. He stressed on trigger safety.

Thereby, we selected this NuMax SP123 for its extraordinary safety features. This 23 gauge pin nailer features ergonomic grip and aluminum body for extra durability. If you need customized applications, we would recommend this one as the perfect one.

Dissimilarity may appear in terms of operation. But the 23 gauge pin nailer reviews strongly support this device. The device has the strength to support professional carpentry and customized jobs.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Pin size selector for consistent performance
  • Anti-dust cap reduces maintenance hassles
  • Sleek design for customized applications
  • Suits professional needs


  • Pin bents on the surface 

5. Makita AF353 23 Gauge, 1-3/8" Pin Nailer

Makita is one of the leading brands in best pin nailer manufacturing. Since this is a great manufacturer, we kept it in the last position to surprise our readers. This 23 gauge pin nailer has a drop-in magazine.

Makita AF353

Moreover, the firing control is the other feature that ensures the safety of the users. Because of the compact size, portability is also simple. The most impressive benefit is the nail lock-out feature and all-day working capacity. Usually, contemporary products do not provide such functions.

 Simultaneously, there is a built-in air duster. It helps to keep the working space clean. You need no additional cleaning. Besides, it comes with other accessories which bring comforts in carpentry.


  • Easy installation
  • Quick magazine release
  • Durable motor with better performance
  • Soft grip with ergonomic design
  • Several operational modes


  • Pin shattering is a common problem 

How to buy the best pin nailer | Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding the best 23 gauge pin nailer may appear confusing to many beginners and even advanced users. Now, the pin nailer manufacturers provide ample options and features in black and white.

In reality, those are of no use, and the users face difficulty. So, if you plan to get a 23 gauge pin nailer for your carpentry, follow the steps below. You can also get some 23 gauge pin nailer reviews from online.

Our team of researchers have discussed the issue with many experienced users. They also checked some of the available pin nailers. The combination of their experience is here.


Remember, product quality is the most important thing to consider. Many of the sellers will try to convince you to have cheap products. They may also have several offers as well. But if you are wise, skip those adverts and explanations. Check the quality on your own.

If you are satisfied, get the product or leave it.

Jam release feature

Nail jamming is a common factor for all types of nail guns. Even the best pin nailer may also experience the same problem. So, if you do not want to waste your valuable moments, check the jam release feature.

A tool-free jam release would be much better.

Magazine size

Nothing is annoying in the world than refilling the nail magazine. But if the magazine size is more extensive, you can get rid of the problem. Thereby check the magazine size and take the decision.

A large magazine will cut the unnecessary time of refilling the magazine during the work.

Who are you?

Surprised with the question? It expresses that you must know your nail gun using experience. One size if not perfect for everyone. There are several types of pin nailers available.

As a beginner, we cannot expect you to handle a professional or industrial-grade pin nailer. So, get some 23 gauge pin nailer reviews to know their operation styles. Comparing your skills with the theories can solve the problem.

Set your purpose

Also remember, pin nailers are for light carpentry. So, if you plan to finish a job with a pin nailer, you are wrong in having the right concept.

The pin nailers are only for lightweight trimming. Hence, you must use them for the right purpose. Expecting something better may result in frustration. 


What is a magazine for the best pin nailer  

Can I use a 23 gauge pin nailer for professional purpose? 

What is the explanation of gauge in pin nailers ? 

Last words

The more you focus on your craftsmanship, the more you excel. But without the support the best 23 gauge pin nailer, this is nearly impossible to reach the level of a pro.

Going through the review above, you got some specific ideas about the 23 gauge pin nailer. We expect that our real-life 23 gauge pin nailer reviews must have some impacts on your decision making.

Happy carpentry, always!