10 Best Log Splitter For A Thrilling Experience In Log Splitting

I’m pretty sure, among ten of the people, nine of them hate chopping wood.

WHY? It is natural as they do not have the best log splitter like Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter. This is hard indeed to chop wood using an axe. Many of you may find it difficult to cut the wood without a machine. Using the traditional mode of axe or hammer is not convenient for all.

A saying goes that people love chopping wood as they find immediate result. Yes, it’s true to many extents. But, at times, it appears as the toughest job to some of the beginners and elderly folks.

Then, what to do? Well, get a log splitter that will help you smoothly chop the wood. Simply, you have to press the button and wait for the chopping. No manual effort is required in this process.

 In this post, I will guide you to get the right log splitter for you. But before we move into the review section, let’s check the ways to buy the perfect log splitter. Check the following aspects to get the solid one for your next firewood stocking for the cold months.

What is a log splitter?

Wait! Before we move into the main section, let’s get some brief about log splitters.

A log splitter is a distinctive device that split logs. They split the logs from the center for using in the fireplace or for a burner.

Depositing a large log is often inconvenient while their smaller versions can perform very well. So, if you need to build a stack of firewood logs, this is a convenient device. Besides, it performs smooth, and within a short time, you can get all the necessary firewood.

Types of log splitters

Undoubtedly, a log splitter plays a vital role to create your fireplace or burner wood. But you also need to know their types before you decide to have the perfect one. Usually, we have three types of log splitters. They are:

  • Manual log splitters
  • Electric log splitters
  • Gas log splitters

Manual log splitters: You have to use this log splitter manually. Using your feet or hand, you can chop through the center of the wood.

Electric log splitters: One of the popular log splitters and they run with electricity and perform better than the manual ones. However, the operation mode is almost similar to the gas log splitters.

Gas log splitters: They are famous for their size and shape. Moreover, gas log splitters are sturdy as well to chop the most cumbersome log. But they are most suitable for outdoor operation. Due to the capacity of wood processing, the price is a bit higher.

How to get the best log splitter?

Let me explain the issues here. To get the right log splitter, you need to know certain facts. No matter, if you are a beginner in wood chopping or an expert. The guidelines here will help you understand the inners facts.


Remember, this is an investment for you. So, you must have to get the investment return. If the log splitter is not durable, your investment may turn into waste. Thereby make sure the log splitter is durable. Check the body construction, motor, and other parts. Besides, you may go through the product description as well.

When you are satisfied that the splitter is up to the mark, you can decide to have it. Comparing the log splitter with similar other products might provide you with the idea about the durability. Hence, compare it too to know the worth.

Safety matters

Wood chopping is a dangerous job. Most of the people do not prefer to chop wood considering the risks associated with it. But a log splitter can prevent untoward incidents. You may get hurt though the wood splinters or may face any other difficulty. The log splitter should come with the right types of safety measures to deal with such issues.

Ensure the product comes with proper safety materials and instruction. Check the user manual for safety precautions.

Check the warranty period

Experts recommend getting log splitters with warranty. As the amount you invest is huge, it should come with a warranty of at least a specified period. In fact, you have no idea what sorts of wood you have to chop. Not all the wood is soft. You may have to deal with hard wood as well.

If there are any unintentional damages, the warranty shall cover the losses. But if there is no warranty, you cannot expect to deal with the loss.


At the same time, you need to consider the power of the log splitter. Basically, the gas and electric log splitters are more powerful than the manual ones. However, the gas-run log splitters perform better in this case. They have speed and pressure to chop the wood in a short time.

The pressure of a log splitter is based on the horsepower it has. With a higher number of horsepower, the splitter will perform better. Besides, the gas-run splitters are heavy too. So, you can expect longevity from them. It is wise to select the gas-powered log splitters for your needs than the ones run with electricity.

Brand matters most

Besides, you must get a log splitter that comes from a brand. In general, the brands provide with the latest technology, horsepower and optimum performance in wood chopping. Admittedly, the price might be higher, but you will get a durable performance with fewer efforts.

Moreover, the cutter gets an extra life and needs less maintenance too. The mainstream brands use durable materials to manufacture log splitter. So, there are fewer chances of troubles during the wood chopping.

Accessories availability

At times, you may need to change or add additional accessories. Thereby, make sure the accessories are available across the market. There are some log splitters which need accessories, but you cannot find them at the right time. You have to spend time and money after seeking accessories.

Size matters in chopping wood

On the contrary, you need to check the size and shape of the log splitter. They are available in different sizes, including lightweight to heavyweight. Based on your wood cutting needs, you can select the right size.

But, if you select the heavyweight device for a minor wood cutting, you may not have the top results. Similarly, if you apply the lightweight log splitter to cut the toughest woods, you may not have the expected performance. So, mind the size and get yours.


Transportation of the log splitter is the other issue that you need to consider. You may need to carry the device to your backyard or any other place. But if there is no wheel with the log splitter, it would be tough to bring it on the spot.

Thereby, experts recommend to get a splitter that has wheels or other modes of transportation.

Vertical or horizontal

The vertical log splitters are meant for dealing with a large volume of wood chopping. They are capable of splitting even the most hardened wood chunk. On the other part, the vertical splitters are for some small volume works.

Therefore, you can select either the vertical or horizontal considering your needs. If the cutting volume is lower, select the horizontal ones. And in case of large quantity, you should have the vertical log splitter.

Fix a budget

You know what- most of the cases people cannot have the right log splitter as they lack the budget. Preparation of the budget is an important aspect that you must follow. Commonly, we set the budget even before checking the features and advantages of the log splitter. But this is a wrong mode of budget preparation.

Get some online reviews, check the ratings, discuss with some professionals and then fix the budget. Hope, you can have the most suitable one for your wood cutting.  

Products I selected for reviewing

Well, you are aware of the considerations before having a log splitter. Now it’s time to move in the review section to know about the features, advantages and disadvantages.

Here I’ve compiled the review of ten best products. In this section, I’ve added some other issues that may hold your attention.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

If you are seeking a moderate log splitter to pile your firewood, this Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is the perfect one for you. The two-horsepower electric motor is efficient enough to cut through the woods. Besides, it consumes less electricity which is economical as well. The device can generate over 3000 PSI to crack the logs into two parts.

Cycle time of the device is also smart. It has a 14 second cycle time, which is preferable. And it has some positive reviews as well for the short cycle time during wood chopping. At times, it is difficult to assemble the log splitter. But you can use the product immediately after unboxing. The assembly process is simple too.

Boss is a renowned log splitter manufacturer. So, there are less imperfections in the design of this device. It has a compact size and body weight is only 117 pounds. The device works in a vertical position and so, you need not lift massive logs. The surface is flat to carry the logs smoothly for chopping.


  • Easy start.
  • Three-prong plug.
  • Comfortable one-handed operation.
  • Can cut different types of woods.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Can cut logs up to 10-inch in diameter.


  • The wood mounting surface may bend.
  • For small operations only.

Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

When you are tight on budget but need to split your logs, this Sun Joe LJ10M could be a potential solution. This is a lightweight log splitter with numerous positive reviews. Many of the users have rated this product with four to five-stars. Interestingly, this log splitter can produce up to 10 tons of driving force to split the logs.

Durable steel construction is another feature that you will love most. Alongside the power and styles, you will have durability. You can use the device for a long time only for steel construction. Prevention of wood falling from the cradle is another advantage. Secure log loading feature makes it a desirable one.

This log splitter can cut logs up to 8- inches while the maximum length is 18 inches. The ram return spring is quick enough to reset the process. Besides, the eco-friendly nature of the device does not require any gas or electricity gas. Hence, it saves your energy consumption too.


  • Durable construction and long-term performance.
  • Created 20,000 pounds of pressure.
  • Runs without gas or electricity.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy transportation.


  • Small wheels.
  • Control handle needs improvement.

Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

At times, you need to care for the log splitter than the performance. But in this Champion product, you will have the beauty and the beast together. The product comes with a warranty of two years. So, you can remain free of worries.

Despite the design being ordinary, it does the chopping job pretty well. The size is smaller, but the performance level is up to the mark. The engine is highly strong to complete the tasks quickly. Portability is the other feature that you can utilize at any time. If you need indoor wood cutting, you can bring inside the room. In reverse mode, you can take it outdoor easily.

Low-oil shutoff feature is another important aspect that ensures safety. Besides, the low profile feature helps you load the log on the cutting surface quickly. The log cradle creates a safer environment for the logs stacked on the surface. It also can handle logs those are 19 inches in length and can bear weight around 50 pounds.


  • 1.5-gallon oil capacity.
  • Can bear up to 50 pounds.
  • 20-second cycle time.
  • Two stage gear pump for efficient splitting.
  • Tire diameter is 10 inches.
  • Easy assembly.


  • No return policy from the manufacturer.
  • Motor starting may take time.

Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Champion is one of the leading log splitter manufacturers. And the products come with quality, durability and excellent performance. This particular 25-ton product has a speciality. You can tow the log splitter anywhere you need. Besides, you can use it both in vertical and horizontal positions. Hence, wood cutting is not a big deal here.

Moreover, the machine is faster, that reduces the wood splitting time. It comes with a single cylinder OHV engine. The low-oil shutoff feature is also notable as it ensures the safety of the users. The cast iron sleeve is the other prominent feature of this log splitter while the fuel tank comes with a 0.9-gallon capacity.

Loading logs on the surface are smooth too. Besides, with three simple steps, you can change the position from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. It can cut through logs around 24 inches in length. Besides, the weight capacity is 100 pounds which another plus for you.


  • Heavy-duty performance.
  • Can cut up to 24-inch logs.
  • 12-second cycle.
  • Auto-return valve.
  • Two stage gear pump.
  • Easy transportation.


  • Assembly is complex.
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage.

Boss Industrial EC5T20 Electric Log Splitter, 5 Ton

Have you got a fireplace at home and need wood logs to keep the house warm? Well, then this Boss Industrial EC5T20 is the right product for you. This is an electric log splitter with a 1.8 horsepower motor. So, you can chop all the logs in the perfect size that your fireplace needs. Besides, this is a lightweight product that you can transport anywhere.

A two-year warranty is the other feature to fall in love with this log splitter. Despite having the warranty, this is a durable device that needs less maintenance. The wheels come with steel-rims. Besides, moderate construction makes it capable of defeating other ordinary splitters. Though it does not have any high stand, you can load the logs smoothly on the cutting surface.

Compatibility of the device with the other types of Boss machine is another advantage for you. You can comfortably handle the product with a single hand. The splitting force is 7-ton, and it means you can split all the household logs for your daily needs.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Seven ton splitting force.
  • Automatic ram return.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Single-hand operation.
  • Lightweight with easy portability.


  • Wheel frame may bend.
  • Performance is not as advertised.

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Stand, Log Tray

You need to pile up some woods for winter next or some campfires? Well, Yardmax log splitter could be the first choice for you. The key reason is that it needs a minimal assembly with a design of contemporary styles. It looks appealing, and the performance level is standard as well.

The log tray holds the logs with a firm grip. Consequently, the logs will not displace from the position, and you need no additional measures will be required. Moreover, the cycle time is shorter too. So, you can process a notable number of wood logs in a short time.

On the other part, durability is a positive feature that makes it perfect for firewood splitting. Its size is compact, and you can work with or without the stand. For your needs, you can use extension cord up to 30 feet for outdoor operation. Transportation is another feature that makes it suitable than its competitors. The seven 7-inch diameter wheels make it easy.


  • Durable than other log splitters.
  • 16-second cycle.
  • Built-in ram limiter.
  • The motor makes less noise.
  • Can chop wood up to 14 inches in diameter.
  • Faster performance.


  • For residential use only.
  • No other visible cons found.

Sun Joe LJ602E 5-Ton 15-Amp Electric Log Splitter w/Hydraulic Ram, Green

If you love to use both the hands for wood chopping, you can check this product. Besides, it comes with several other loveable features like easy transportation. Many of the users have rated the stainless steel handle with three to four stars for the durability. The entire body of the structure is also from the same material.

Driving force is the other impressive issue with this device. It comes with a five-ton pressure for its 15AMP motor, which is able to process your home firewood. The maximum size that it can chop is 20 inches. So, if you need firewood for your residential fireplace, you can have this one.

Transportation is simple with the rear wheel. The wheels also can prevent wear and thus last longer. Several safety features make it one of the safest of this category. It has an overload circuit reset button with a safety switch for dual hand operation.


  • ETL-inspected machine.
  • Several safety features.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • 15 AMP motor.
  • Can process 20-inch logs.
  • Easy and simple portability.


  • Hydraulic fluid loss.
  • The motor makes noise.

XtremepowerUS 7-Ton 15 Amp Electrical Log Splitter Wood Cutter Handle with Mobile Wheels

Sustainability is a critical concern for every log splitter users. So, if you are worried about the longevity of your device, you can have this XtremepowerUS. This is a durable product with varieties of features. The most important aspect is the transportation. Using mobile wheels, you can transport the device to anywhere you want.

Besides, there is safety equipment attached to this device. So there are almost no chances of accidents during the wood cutting process. Moreover, it can also produce 7-ton pressure on the wood with its two horsepower motor. Consequently, the wood turns into logs within a fraction of a minute. The built-in log cradle helps to keep the logs on the right track.

On the other part, when you are in need of a compact log splitter for lower storage space, you can opt for it. In fact, you can use the device for both indoor and outdoor operation for its horizontal feature.


  • Two horsepower motor.
  • Seven inches wheel.
  • Maximum log length of 21 inches.
  • Seven-ton pressure.
  • Mobile wheels for easy transportation.
  • Manual operation.


  • Price is a bit higher.
  • Valves may stick a little.

YARDMAX YU2566 25 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

I know this YARDMAX product will have the same appeal to you as it had on me. If you seek reliability within your budget, this is the most excellent solution. From years of experience, the manufacturer has been producing wood cutting machines with confidence and this product is a symbol of efficiency.  

It’s a 25-ton device that can chop woods quickly with a smart approach. Moreover, the top-quality materials have been used here to make it durable and sturdy. I am sure that you will love the modern design of this device. It can cut through the most robust wood alongside the soft ones.

In line with the 25-ton product, you can also have some other varieties as well. The cycle time is short, which enables you to load the log right after processing the earlier one. The hydraulic components are larger while the auto-return valve reduces risks of manual setting. Assembly of this device is also convenient.


  • Hydraulic oil filter.
  • Efficient wood cutting with good speed.
  • Smart and sleek design.
  • Suitable for home and commercial needs.
  • Can cut logs up to a 26-inch length.
  • Short cycle time.


  • Working with 4-way splitter risky.
  • No other cons available.

Boss Industrial ED8T20 Electric Log Splitter, 8-Ton

For some heavy-duty wood splitting, there are fewer alternatives to Boss log splitters. This is a log splitter with eight-ton splitting force. So, you can quickly chop moderate-sized wood chunks, even the toughest wood as well. Despite being an electric splitter, it consumes less power while the production is pretty excellent. 

The cycle is also shorter while its operation is simple too. But before the operation, do not forget to go through the instruction. The operation capacity of this log splitter is tremendous regardless of the size and shape of the wood chunk. Interestingly, you can get the light woodcutting jobs more efficiently.

Remember, this is a beast, and thus the price is higher too, considering the features it offers. The two-way split is another advantage that will reduce your log splitting time.


  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Two-way split.
  • Quick wood chopping.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Reduced cycle time.
  • Two horsepower motor.


  • Assembly is difficult.
  • Weight is more than average.

Safety precautions

Well, I think you are now well aware of the best log splitter. I have explained the prime features of the best products. Now, it’s time to address the safety issue while working with a log splitter.

Please remember, this is a sharp object and contains the risks of physical injuries. Thereby, the log splitting experts always recommend to follow some necessary safety precautions.

Wondering? Let’s check the explanation about the following facts. 

Know the user manual

Regardless of your user behavior, you must check the manual of the log splitter. In fact, most of the splitters come with additional features. And if you are a beginner, you may not be familiar with the features. Similarly, if you are an expert, you must know the way of utilizing the features.

But, I think this is wise to check the operation manual. You might come to know about the modern features which will help to cut your efforts.

Wear safety gear

On the other part, you have to use the safety gears. They include goggles, hand gloves, safety boots, among others. If you are ready with the gears, you can quickly deal with the device and the logs. But, if you are not prepared, the chances of accidents are higher. You may bear an injury from a wooden splinter.

Children safety

Besides, keep your children and animals away from the place where you cut the logs. The process of wood splitting is hazardous. Even, the surrounding environment can turn noisy and dirty. So, if the children are there, they may not comply with the situation.

Therefore, you must not allow them to be the spectators of wood cutting.

Make the environment

On the contrary, you need to create a conducive working environment. Make sure the working space is free of obstacles. There should be ample space too. In fact, the logs are of different size and shapes. So, you need additional space to accommodate in the log or to store them beside the log.

So, what you need to do? Avoid a crowded place and remove the bystanders. This is not a circus. Furthermore, remove the debris from the site and make the working space clean, if needed.       

Check the log splitter functions  

The other important issue is to check the log splitter before the operation. Make a test run to know about the activity of the device. Besides, you also should check the assembly of the machine. Make sure the screws, nuts, hydraulic fitting, clamps are tight and working fine.

It will prevent any untoward events while splitting the logs. However, you can easily prevent it by following the pre-check. So, run the pre-checking every time you use the device.

Final thoughts


I have reached the final stage of this lengthy review of getting the best log splitter. It appears that I have shared numbers of beneficial information for you and the other potential users. This is time for you to get the right log splitter.

But which one to get?

This is a million-dollar question with a simple answer.

Get the log splitter that matches your needs. Alongside the requirements, it should fit your wallet too. I have reviewed ten products with their essential features. Before the review, I had to undergo some researches to unearth the accurate information. I had talks with professionals and others who use such wood cutting devices. The reflections are up to the mark.

If you are still confused about the best buy, browse the product review section again, and find out which one is your product. And I think you can have the product smartly now.

Happy wood splitting.