Best Finish Nailer Reviews and Buying Guide: Updated (May 2022)

Carpentry remains incomplete if you don’t use the best finish nailer. This is one of the most impressive devices that help to drive nails in molding and trimming boards and other materials. Assembly of bards and wood in carpentry is more straightforward with nailers like CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit. Hence, all of the professional carpenters prefer such nailers.

But if you are a beginner in carpentry, you will also need the same carpentry gears. Amid a wide range of availability, you need to select the best product. Besides, you also need to consider the balance, operation moods, ease of use, and many more issues. What if you get all the features, advantages, and disadvantages in a single place?

I have compiled ten best products for your convenience. You will get a complete review of the products to select the suitable one for your carpentry.

Types of nailers


There are nine basic nailers available. The standards are here:

  • Framing nailer
  • Flooring nailer
  • Palm nailer
  • Roofing nailer
  • Siding nailer
  • Pin nailer
  • Brad nailer
  • Finish nailer
  • Staple gun

Today, in this review, I will discuss the finish nailer.

A friendly note: I think it’s going to be a long review. And you may not feel encouraged to go through all the texts here. So, I have split it into two different sections.

The first one is the nailer review, while the second one is the ultimate guide to have the best finish nailer.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Let’s begin the review section.

Product selection process

Though I love carpentry, I’m not professional. In fact, I perform the DIY woodworking at home to repair or maintain smaller furniture and wood pieces. So, I felt the necessity of using finish nailers in several of my projects. Thereby, I have some critical ideas about the finish nailers.

Moreover, I know some professional carpenters – who often guide me for my DIY activities. I have got their recommendations before the reviewing process. It was not possible for me to select the products without their direct support. So, you can see the reflection of some of their opinions.

Market research played another vital role here. Visiting the hardware stores to know about the best-selling finish nailer was interesting. The shop owners also extended their support for this review. I express my sincere gratitude to them for helping me.

On the other part, I also read some online reviews to know about the user ratings on the specific product. Based on all the phases, I have done this review to make it a complete one.

1. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA 

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (CMCN618C1)

CRAFTSMAN is a leading brand in carpentry and making other tools. I have placed this particular product on the top of the list for some specific reasons. The most vital issue is ease of use. This is a cordless device and performs faster. The nail firing power is standard that completes the assembly of the boards in no time.

Moreover, some of the professionals asked me to pick something that has tool-free adjustment features. Accordingly, I found this one matching my criteria. It has a tool-free depth adjustment that will reduce your time and effort while working. Besides, this is a lightweight device that will cause no problems in holding it for a long time.

Simultaneously, the device can drive 16-gauge finish nails. You can also use the device in different climatic settings. The product is durable and comes with a quick setting feature too. You can also release the nail jamming without any tool here.


  • Lightweight device.
  • Tool-free adjustment features.
  • Over-molded handle for comfortability.
  • Excellent balance and no fatigue in holding.
  • No compressor or gas cartridge.
  • Belt hook for secure storage.


  • No notable cons available.

2. DEWALT DCN660B 20V 16 Gauge 20° Finish Nailer

DEWALT 20V MAX Finish Nailer, Angled, 16GA, Tool Only (DCN660B)

In recent days, the number of finish nailers has increased. But DEWALT is on a leading position in the race with the quality products and features. So, this DEWALT DCN660B 20V 16 Gauge 20° Finish Nailer is on the second position of my review list. Of course, there are obvious reasons behind the selection. It can drive nails in an angel to finish the job.

Another important factor is that it can perform on various surfaces. If you need to fasten crown molding, baseboard making, or any other similar carpentry, this is the right product for you. Since it runs with battery, you can get rid of the hose and compressors. Using a cordless finish nailer is a blessing for the carpenters.

 At the same time, it has a tool-free selectable trigger. You can set your firing modes based on the needs. The LED lights will illuminate the working space at night times. Moreover, you can release the jam in a second with the tool-free feature. Holding the device for a prolonged period is not a nightmare now.


  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • Multi-functional LED lights.
  • Quick jam release.
  • Compatible with DEWALT batteries.
  • Several firing modes.
  • Compact design.


  • Nail may bend.
  • Frequent nail jamming.

3. Metabo Pneumatic Finish Nailer 

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit, 15 Gauge, Pneumatic, Angled, Finish Nails 1-1/4-Inch up to 2-1/2-Inch, Integrated Air Duster, Selective Actuation Switch, 5-Year Warranty (NT65MA4)

Metabo HPT NT65MA4 Pneumatic Angled Finish Nailer is on the third position in the race for its compact fittings. It comes with a factory-set air fitting, which is the key benefit. You need not assemble the product. Thus, it saves time. Moreover, it has certain other features like selective firing switch and more.

With the selective firing switch, you can switch between sequential firing or contact firing. When you use the contact firing, the device will fire nails on the surface, and in sequence, it will keep firing until you stop. Besides, you may face nail jams during the use. The easy clearing feature will remove the jam instantly.

It has a 360-degree exhaust. So, when you use the nailing gun, you can rotate the exhaust to get rid of the air. Warranty is the other feature that helps to love it most. The product has a five-year warranty which is not available with the other similar products.


  • Integrated air duster.
  • Selective actuation switch.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Drives up to 2.5-inch nails.
  • Tool-less jam clearing.
  • Quick nail extraction.


  • Nail driving performance is not up to the mark.
  • Requires frequent servicing.

4. PORTER-CABLE PIN138 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

PORTER-CABLE Pin Nailer, 23-Gauge, 1-3/8-Inch (PIN138)

Next is the PORTER-CABLE PIN138 23-Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Pin Nailer. This is a finish nailer that comes with less weight. The body construction is standard. It has an aluminum body. So, you need no worries about the durability of the product. But most of the finish nailer bodies are not as reliable as it is.

Lightweight is the other feature that you will admire. It weighs only 2.2 pounds. So, holding the device for a long time will have no impact. The application of the tool is versatile. You can apply it to make a cabinet, furniture, and even mantles. It can clamp and fasten the wood pieces firmly. Besides, the reversible belt clip is another addition to this product.

Faster firing is another feature that helps the users to finish the job quickly. Due to the durable motor design, the performance is more rapid. And the motor needs less maintenance. Another impressive feature is the dry-fire lock. When there would be no nails inside the magazine, the device will not fire despite pressing the trigger.


  • Lightweight device.
  • Strong and durable motor.
  • Aluminum body construction.
  • Automatic pin adjustment.
  • Prevent work surface damage.
  • Narrow nose for improved visibility.


  • Not suitable for a large-scale operation.
  • Not that much durable as advertised.

5. DEWALT DCN650B Nailer Angled Finish 20V 15Ga

DEWALT 20V MAX Finish Nailer, Angled, 15GA (DCN650B)

DEWALT DCN650B Nailer Angled Finish is on the fifth position as it provides service in a tight working space. The issue came out of the box while talking with some professionals. They, at times, need to work in a tighter area where movement is strenuous. Everyone loves a tool that provides consistent performance even in a narrow space.

Moreover, this is a battery-run tool and cuts your costs too. The runtime is extended due to the brushless motor. And most importantly, it makes less noise. Because of the micro nose, you will get an improve accuracy and line of sight during the nail driving. It also comes with a tool-free selectable trigger, and so, you can select each of your shots.

The application of a multi-functional LED is another feature. If you need to illuminate the working space, you can have it instantly. The tool-free jam release will help you reduce your overall working hours.


  • Selectable trigger
  • Multi-functional LED
  • Less noise during operation
  • Easy jam cleaning
  • Versatile applications
  • Simple magazine loading/ unloading


  • Frequent nail jamming is a common feature
  • No battery included in the package

6. Valu-Air T64C 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

I have placed this Valu-Air finish nailer in the sixth position. The first thing that I preferred is the body construction. This product comes with a durable body. The heat-treated aluminum housing lasts longer than any other ordinary finish nailer. At the same time, you can use the device for making baseboards, trimming, molding, or finishing any carpentry jobs.

It has a 360-degree air exhaust. So, when you are working and need to rotate the exhaust, you can easily do that. Besides, it comes with tool-free depth adjustment. Most of the carpenters suffer for the depth adjustment. And maladjustment may ruin the project. Hence, this feature would help them.

Easy and quick jam clearing is another impressive feature. If there are any such situations, you can get rid of the jam instantly.


  • Weighs only 4.14 pounds.
  • 360-degree air exhaust.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • Suits heavy-duty operations.
  • Compatible with 16-gauge finish nails
  • Durable housing


  • Frequent nail jamming
  • Leaks air

7. Hitachi NP18DSAL 18V Cordless 

Metabo HPT NP18DSALM 18V Cordless 1-3/8 in. 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Kit

I have selected Hitachi as my next brand for the seventh position. This is a leading carpentry tool manufacturer and serving the globe for a long time. This particular product is renewed but comes with a specific feature. It can drive 23-gauge nails into different surfaces. Due to the design, you can hold it in hand for a long time without fatigue.

Besides, there is no recoil with the device for its built-in counterweight feature. Simultaneously, you can have the option of tool-less depth drive adjustment. It also has the dry-fire lockout feature. So, if there are no nails in the magazine, it will not fire on the surface.

The ergonomic handle feels comfortable to hold it. Besides, the device will prevent surface scratching. The rubber bumpers on the nose of this nailing gun prevent the surface damage.


  • Professional design
  • Built-in counterweight
  • Standard safety features
  • Drives 3000 pins in a single charge
  • Tool-less depth adjustment.
  • Fast charging.


  • No prominent cons available.

8. BOSTITCH N62FNK-2 15-Gauge 1 1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch Angled Finish Nailer

BOSTITCH Finish Nailer, Angled, 15GA, 1-1/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch (N62FNK2)

BOSTITCH is one of the leading brands for making finish nailers. I have placed it into the second position for its less maintenance feature. Maintenance of the finish nailer is troublesome and consumes time too. If you need no or less maintenance, it is beneficial in several aspects.

Moreover, you will have the option of depth adjustment easily. Following the feature, you can drive the nails inside the desired depth of the surface. The tool-free removable magazine is the other loveable feature. Nail jam clearing is also simple with this tool. It weighs only 3.8 pounds, and thus you can carry on hand as long as you need it.

Durability is the other feature that most users admire. It comes with a magnesium housing, which ensures durability. As a result, you will get optimum performance from the device in all terms.


  • Lightweight.
  • Can drive nails in angels.
  • Nail depth adjustment.
  • Ideal for furniture and trim works.
  • Performs over-the-head drives.
  • Standard air compressor.


  • May malfunction.
  • Less customer support.

9. BOSTITCH BTFP2350K 23 Gauge 2" Pin Finish Nailer

BOSTITCH Pin Nailer, 23 Gauge, 2-Inch (BTFP2350K)

Another BOSTITCH product returns in the ninth position. This particular device is famous for driving 23 gauge nails into various surfaces. Even, you can use the nailer to drive nails in a thicker wood like oak. Further, it also has some other modern features required for carpentry.

By using the tool-free jam release feature, it is simple to start nail driving again. Many of the cases, the users need to use tools to release the jam, an inconvenient way to deal with. Simultaneously, getting the option of tool-free depth adjustment is another impressive feature to blow your mind.

The oil-free operation also ensures a clean workstation. When you are to use any such device that uses oil, the surrounding area turns untidy. Consequently, the overall working environment gets dirty. But you will not have such issues here.


  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • Simple nail jam release.
  • Nail reloading alert.
  • Divers in thick surfaces.
  • Reversible belt hook.
  • Less weight.


  • The rail may break.
  • No dry-fire prevention.

10. DEWALT DCN660D1 Cordless Angled Finish Nailer Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Finish Nailer, Angled, 16GA (DCN660D1)

DEWALT is my last reviewed product, and there are some excellent reasons to select it. This nailer can drive 16 gauge nails into various surfaces using its 20 volts. Besides, the speed of the gun is also remarkable.

If you need, you can also select between different firing modes. The selective triggering option assists in firing either sequential or bump driving. It’s another outstanding feature that there would be no scratches on the working surface. This is impressive, isn’t it?

Also, this particular device can drive close to 800 nails with a single charge. Therefore, concern about frequent charging is no more here. The tool-free depth adjustment is a common feature and ensures quick completion of your carpentry jobs.


  • Multi-functional light.
  • Easy jam release (tool-free).
  • Stall release lever.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • 20-degree magazine angel.
  • Warning for nail run-out.


  • No customer support.
  • Charging is an issue.

How to Buy the Best Finish Nailer

Getting a nailer, especially the finish nailer, is a tough job. Of course, I’m not the lover of finish nailers, but I need them for my DIY carpentry.

Thereby, I am often in close contact with the finish nailers. In the course of my DIY efforts, I had to get a couple of finish nailers. So, I know what to consider before getting the right one.

You must check the issues below to have the perfect product for your needs.

Power source

Power is an essential issue for the operation of the finish nailer. They are available in two basic types – electric and pneumatic. The electric device operates with a chord, which is often troublesome while the pneumatic one runs with a battery. So, the choice is yours.

Firing types

Besides, you may need to fire nails in different angels and ways to finish the job. So, you have to opt for different firing modes like sequential mode or bumping mode. Make sure your device has both the features. If there are no such features, give it up and move for next.

Scratch prevention

Nailer nose mark on the surface you work is a common issue for the carpenters. Consequently, it looks terrible, which is entirely undesired. But if there is a rubber bumper on the nose, it can prevent the working surface damage. Therefore, it is better to check this feature.

LED lights

Besides, you might need to illuminate the working surface. Getting a new lighting system is hazardous and expensive as well. If your finish nailer comes with multi-functional LED lights, you can get rid of the issues. In other words, you will get better visibility during the job.

Jam clearing

This is another issue that you need to focus on. Most of the cases, users face trouble to clear the nail jams. Jamming of the nail is a common phenomenon for every finish nail gun. But if there is an easy jam cleaning feature, you can get rid of it instantly. It is better to get the ones with a tool-free jam clearing system.

Consider the price too

Furthermore, you have to consider the price range of the finish nailer. You may get a cheaper gun, but in the end, it will invite disasters. On the contrary, some other nailers come with a high price tag. But if you set your budget, you can get a suitable one in view of your features and advantages.

Overall efficiency

Experts suggest comparing a couple of products to know about the efficiency level. Usually, the features are almost the same, but there are some performance issues. It may be the battery or the ease of use or the nail firing mechanism. So, get the product which appears as the best in this parameter.


Q: What is tool-free depth adjustment?

A: Tool-free depth adjustment refers to the system where needs no tools to select the depth of the nail. The gun will drive the nail into the surface to a certain level. You can set the depth without using any tools.

Q: When to use angle finish nail gun?

A: At times, you will need to join a couple of wood or other pieces together. So, there might be some angels in some parts where you need to join them together. In such cases, you need an angled finish nailer. You can use them at certain angles to get the joining done.

Q: How long it takes to charge a battery?

A: If the finish nailer is new, one-hour charging is sufficient. But with time, the battery loses its performance. And then, it may take more than one hour to get a complete charge.

Last words

In a nutshell, you have all the necessary information about the best finish nailer. I have explained almost all the essential issues here in multifarious ways. So, you can have the best product for your next carpentry project.

Wishing you luck.