Best cordless finish nailer For 2022 – How to select the best one?

Best cordless finish

Can you imagine carpentry without a finish nailer? Well, the answer is a big ‘NO.’ You cannot expect to perform all the carpentry without using a finish nailer. Such nailers help to provide a finishing touch in the projects. A finish nailer is a type of device that leaves holes in the wood to be replaced with putty.

Experts recommend using the finish nailers as they leave no trace at all. Using the putty removes their existence. And with a nice burnish, they hide their existence completely. Moreover, the users can use the nails in several angels which are not possible with the ordinary nailers. Thus, the use of a finish nailer is almost undeniable.

However, purchasing the right nailer will provide you with a satisfactory experience. Failure to get the solid one can cause disaster in your project. In the end, the experience turns bitter. Therefore, here you will get the reviews of some of the best finish nailers. The reviews will help you select the right one.

Why should you select a finish nailer? 

Of course, you need to select a finish nailer. In fact, there are a large number of finish nailers available. Besides, the manufacturers also try to fool the average users with their extraordinary advertisements. But in reality, the nailers are not up to the mark.

Besides, the end-level users completely remain unaware of the features and demerits. Considering all the factors, it becomes a horrible experience for them. But knowing the features, pros and cons help to decide about the best finish nailers. So, everyone regardless of their user experience must select a finish nailer for their needs.

Five Best finish nailers Review

You will get the complete review of five of the best nailers. Our research team has spent over 12 consecutive days to find out the best ones. So, here you will get the best features, merits and demerits and other facts. Here you go.

1. DEWALT DCN660B 20V 16 Gauge 20° Finish Nailer

The project of crown molding or baseboards will remain incomplete without this DEWALT DCN660B. The most convenient finish nailer comes with several special features. It can penetrate angled nails inside the woods. So, fastening becomes easier. Moreover, the motor is without a brush. Hence, the users get a special feel while operation.

The use of lithium-ion battery makes the carpentry more comfortable. The other users are to worry about the source of power or power cable. But using the battery-run device ensures smooth operation and hassle-free environment. Thereby, many of the experts recommend this particular product for convenience.

At the same time, the nails of the gun can penetrate into deep of the wood. The users can apply the nailer for both larger and smaller planks of wood. The extensive runtime helps the users to perform their carpentries without any trouble. Further, the use of the LED lights helps to focus on the points to select for nailing.

A notable number of users prefer the product for its convenience of operation. When jammed during operation, the users can release the jam without using any tools. So, you are not behind the race of time. The adjustable belt hook allows the users to hold the device in several settings.


  • Lightweight product.
  • 2200 nail insertion per charge.
  • Multi functional LED lights. 
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Adjustable belt hook. 
  • Several types of wood projects. 


  • Nail bending is a common issue. 

Why we picked this product?

Many of the users want to get a suitable finish nailer that will be durable. This is one of the products that arrive with the assurance of durability. Besides, the battery longevity is the other features which make it adorable. Therefore, we have picked this finish nailer to meet all the everyday needs of the users. The gun works smoothly on the different wood surface. The bonding between the wood panels is easier here.

2. Hitachi NT1865DMA 18V Cordless Angled Finish Nailer

Finish nailers are of different applications. People mostly use them for wood construction particularly the installation of the door, trimming, molding, etc. So, unless there is a good nailer, it becomes tough to deal with the jobs. Besides, for quick completion of the projects, this particular product is an essential tool.

The one-handed operation makes the carpentry simple and effortless. The lightweight nailing gun is easily movable. Thus, anyone can use the gun for the right purposes and anywhere. Moreover, it comes with a cordless feature which is convenient. The users need not worry about the cables during the wood nailing projects.

The firing of the nailer is speedy too. As a result, the users can finish the nailing so faster. Moreover, the tool is a durable one that ensures a smooth operation all the time. The less-maintenance feature helps to work effortlessly. The body is made with polycarbonate. So, the users will get a rubberized feel all over its body.

The tool life is extended for several other reasons. The use of brushless motor makes it more durable. It can complete the finish works by preserving the quality of the jobs. The nails are always in the right position and angel. The sophisticated control panel is another impressive point to consider.

The safety handle ensures the users’ safety during the operation. Moreover, the bright working light is the other addition. It illuminates the working areas. As a result, the users can nail on the selected and right spot.


  • Simple operation on different surfaces.
  • Easy depth adjustment.
  • LED lighting facility.
  • Striking control panel.
  • Several firing modes.
  • Compressed air tank.
  • Improved safety feature.


  • Malfunction in dry fire.

Why we picked the model?

The mainstream carpenters prefer to aim before the nailing. This particular device provides the best options for the nailing. Further, the battery power is the other issue to consider. Experts suggest using a finish nailer which runs a long time. Only a consistent battery backup can bring the desired outcome. Luckily, this model has the desired battery performance. Based on the facts, this is a great tool.

3. PORTER-CABLE PCC792LA 20V MAX Cordless Finish Nailer Kit

Experts always recommend using cordless finish nailers. Why? Well, the answer is within the device. This is a cordless nailer. It runs with a battery. So, you can carry the device wherever you want. Moreover, the manufacturers have attached some durable batteries. So, the operation never stops. But the scenarios are quite different with the gas-run finish nailers.

Moreover, productivity increases with this Porter nailer. It fires with a rapid speed into different materials and wood surfaces. The magazine can hold around 100 nails. At times, you will have some of the nails remaining. The tool-free setting is the other feature that attracts most to the users. You will not need any tool to set up the device or adjust it. In a word, this is comfortable.

At the same time, the design of the product makes it lightweight. It comes with LED lights that help to insert the nails in the right position. Many of the finish nailers are unable to perform in different climatic conditions. But you can perform very well with this one.

The integrated belt hook enables the users to carry the tool smoothly. The magazine loading process is also smoother. Being affordable in price, it is a popular one among the other finish nailers. The carpenters can comply with this tool than the other similar devices for its ergonomic designs.

There is a lockout switch with the device which ensures the safety of the users. The trigger remains safe under the switch. So, there are almost fewer chances of untoward events. The LED lighting is another example which makes the operation process easier. If you want accuracy, the LED lights will help you point the nail gun in the right place.


  • Easy nail loading.  
  • Easy depth adjustment.
  • Can penetrate deep into the wood surface.
  • Compatible with harder woods.
  • Less nail jamming.
  • Misfiring chances are lower.
  • Can insert around 1000 nails in a single charge.


  • The battery may malfunction after repeated use.

Why we pick this model?

Porter is one of the leading finish nailer manufacturers. This particular product has surpassed the features of some contemporary nailing guns. Using the nail gun is almost effortless and brushless motor makes the process simpler. The lighter weight also helps to carry it everywhere. The performance, the ergonomic model, features – all are pleasant. They can provide great assistance to the carpenters. So, we have selected this model

4. BOSTITCH BCN650D1 20V MAX 15 Gauge Fn Angled Cordless Finish Nailer  

Are you racing against time with your carpentry finishing? The Bostitch BCN65OD1 is the perfect tool that can cut your time consumption. This is a battery-run finish nailer. It can use nails up to 2.5 inches. The nose of the nailer is narrow which allows a clear line for the users. Moreover, the carpenter can select several modes of operation with the nailer.

The depth adjustment often needs tools. But this nailer is different from them. Anyone can adjust the depth without using a tool. Since it runs with a battery, the users get better performance. They can also save their fuel costs to a certain extent. Besides, the cleaning process is simpler too and takes less time to clean the entire nailing gun.

Many of the carpenters are in trouble with the clearing of nail jams. They need several tools, unload the magazine and other activities. However, this product requires no tools at all to clear the nail jams. Further, the users can also use the nailer up to 25-degree angles. Hence, if you need to insert a nail into an angel, it would be a no big deal.   

On the other part, the nailer ensures mobility. If you want to use the tool out of your home, you can do that easily. There are no cords associated with the device. As a result, users can have optimum benefits while it weighs only 5.8 pounds. Therefore, carrying this finish nailer is not a trouble at all.


  • Works on various wood surface.
  • Best for crown molding, casing for doors and windows, flooring using hardwood.
  • Uses nails up to the length of 2.5 inches.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • Accuracy in every nail firing. 
  • LED lights with several functions. 
  • Belt hook with adjustable feature.


  • Made with plastic. 

Why we pick this model?

Working in a tight space needs a tool that can ensure optimum performance. This BOSTITCH BCN650D1 is the right thing to work in such a condition. Moreover, the battery runtime is up to the mark which is another plus for speedy project completion. Price is the other issue to consider. So, we have picked it among the others to lessen the carpentry complexities. 

5. Hitachi NT65GAPR 15-Gauge 2-1/2 in. Cordless HXP Lithium-Ion Angle Finish Nailer

Hitachi is one of the leading finish nailer manufacturers. This particular NT65GAPR is a great device that makes carpentry smoother. The nailer can insert nails in different angels which ensure the durability of the wood planks. The versatile application is the other reasons of preference this tool.

Being a battery-run device, the users can carry it to their work spaces. Moreover, the design of this lightweight tool is ergonomic. The handle helps the carrying process easier. Interestingly, the device is enabled to drive over 1500 nails in a single charge. You cannot shoot blank nails for the dry fire lockout feature.

The device can also perform in several wood surfaces. If you need to penetrate the deeper of a wood, you can easily do that. The fuel rods provide the necessary power to the tool from a battery. Thereby, users need not worry about power consumption. At the same time, the secure grip provides comfortable handling of the nailing gun.

Weighing only 4.4 pounds, the tool is budget-friendly. Setting up the device is also uncomplicated. Anyone with almost zero experience can set the device up within a few minutes.


  • Runs with gas fuel rod and battery.
  • Suitable for rapid wood works. 
  • Removes working fatigue.
  • Heavy-duty operation. 
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Tool-free jam cleaner.
  • Rear loading feature.


  • Suitable for smaller jobs.

Why we picked this model?

When you are looking for an all-in-one, this is the most suitable one for you. The device comes with several special features. At the same time, it provides a comfortable feel while operation. So, whenever you want to use it or wherever you use it, you can have the optimum performance. Based on the facts, we have selected this special finish nailer.

Things to consider while buying a finish nailer

Of course, you have the right to even select the wrong one. But at the end of the day, you are to suffer for the wrong choice. Your wood projects will be delayed. And you may have to increase the project costs as well. The scenario would alter if you have the right finish nailer.

Before you are fooled with the gorgeous advertisements and offers, pay attention to detail. Knowing the pros and cons is not sufficient to get the best one. As a potential user, you have to consider some other issues as well. So, few of the key facts are explained here for a better understanding. Surely, you know very well about finish nailers. But the additional lines here will add some in-depth information in your existing knowledge.

Mind the design

Many of the finish nailers are indifferent about the design of the gun. But do you know that design can have a very significant impact on your overall carpentry? Well, if the design is not up to the mark or ergonomic, you cannot hold the machine for a long time. Moreover, you may suffer fatigue while working. Therefore, you are to consider the design in the beginning.

Mode of operation

Secondly, before getting a finish nailer, you need to focus on the mode of operation. The finish nailers are basically of three types. One is battery- run, the other one runs with electricity while the third one runs with fuel. So, if you are working in a tight working space, the battery-operated finish nailer is the best option.

But if you are willing to spend more or would love to consume your electricity, you can move for those. Besides, you can use the one that runs with fuel. In those case, you have to pay some extra dollars every month as part of extended fuel and power costs. 

Safety features

The mainstream experts on finish nailer recommend checking the safety features. Blank fires or misfires are some of the commonest forms of incidents. And those can affect you seriously. But if there are safety features, you can get rid of those events. Therefore, check if the finish nailer comes with a dry fire lock.

It helps to prevent misfires and blank fires.

Easy handling

Moreover, if the weight of the finish nailer is over 5 pounds, it may cause trouble for you. Carrying a device is not always possible and pleasant at all. Thereby, the tool must be less than five pounds in weight.

Before you get a finish nailer, check the specification. You can find the weight of the product. If the product is more than the aforesaid weight count, it is wise to give it up. Move for the next option.

Several nail firing modes

Can you finish your carpentry within a single-mode? Obviously, this is not possible. At times, you need to fire the nail repetitively. Further, you might need to take some break during the operation. Therefore, the finish nailer must come with several firing modes.

Such firing modes help to cut the stress and make the carpentry perfect.

Safety tips 

Using safety gears

Remember, using a finish nailer is risky if you do not have the proper safety gears. Experts always advocate for wearing safety gloves. Besides, it is better if you have goggles. Working in bare hands is highly risky. A misfire or blank fire may injure your hands or eye sights. But if there is protection, you can smoothly end the jobs.

Going through the manual

Moreover, if you read the finish nailer user manual properly, you can know some other features. They will help you use the tool with care. As a direct result, you can prevent untoward hazards.


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Last Words 

The rise of finish nailers has made carpentry easier. A large number of carpenters rely on the finish nailer for the privileges they get. The features, performance, and durability are better than the other types of nailers.

Carpentry could turn difficult if you make a mistake in nailer selection. The reviews above will certainly guide you to purchase the perfect one regardless of your needs.