Best brad Nailer In 2022 | Top 9 Brad Nailer Review & Buying Guide

In the present age, the use of brad nailers is climbing in carpentry for their outstanding features. Carpenters of all levels prefer the best brad nailer for wood applications. They can use the guns for trimming wood or in small and more significant projects, and for other purposes. Hence, the role of the brad nailers appears undeniable, especially in carpentry. Mainstream carpenters rely on those devices for professional activities.

What is a brad nailer?

A brad nailer is a type of device that attaches woods of various shapes and sizes. Using a nail, the device inserts inside the wood. The nails are known as brads – thinner than the usual nails. Experts opine to use the brad nailers for lightweight carpentry projects. Being more delicate in size, the nails are unable to hold the more extensive woods.

They can bind different types of lightweight woods for carpentry jobs. Trimming is incomplete without a brad nailer. Besides, if you need to have a new cabinet at home, this is an indispensable element. Many of the DIY enthusiasts cannot imagine their projects without this device. All this happens for the extraordinary benefits it provides.

9 Best brad nailers Review

To provide a generalized idea to the readers about the ideal brad nailer, nine of the top product reviews are here. But the selection of the nine devices was so tight. Our experts had to analyze all the available brad nailers. They thoroughly reviewed the products, explored the strength and weaknesses of every product using the SWOT analysis.

Thereby, the reviews below will help you get some critical ideas if you would like to get the best nailer. We also wanted to make it a ten, but could not find the last one that suits our selection criteria.

1. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

DEWALT is globally famous for manufacturing quality brad nailers. The nailing guns of this brand are exceptional and well modified for typical carpentry applications. Besides, the device comes with an LED indicator of battery to inform users the battery status. The manufacturer also provides the shut-off feature to save power consumption.

The device is applicable for specific lightweight carpentries like molding, casing, among others. It can drive 18 gauge brad nails inside the woods smoothly. The brush-less motor is durable, which is the other feature to love it. And this is ready to go device. So, the users do not have to worry about the beginning of the operation.

The tool-free depth adjustment feature is also loveable. The users now can set the depth of the brad inside the wood without deploying any tool. The tiny holes would be perfect and durable, as well.


  • A high-speed device with durability.
  • Runs with a durable battery.
  • Tool-free jam release for simple jam cleaning.
  • LED lights for better illumination.
  • Dry firing prevention by low nail lockout.


  • Frequent nail jams.

2. Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer

Manufacturers of brad nailers are now aware of the lighting conditions at workplaces. So, they apply the LED lights. This particular brad nailer model is also similar to some added specialties. It comes with two LED lights to improve the working condition and prevent injuries. As a result, experts term this device as a user-friendly brad nailer.

The device is excellent for some minor home improvements. You can apply the device during DIY development of your ing of home. With a single charge, this best brad nailer can drive over 500 nails at a time. Simultaneously, the belt clip helps to hold the device firmly during operation. Moreover, the users will also get a price advantage with the device.

Less noise is the other features that make the device popular among experts and beginners. It can drive 18 gauge brad nails at a reasonable speed. Thereby, the carpentry is not a matter of time. Instead, it’s about planning and driving the nails inside the woods.


  • The strong motor can drive nails up to 2 inches.
  • Tool-free jam clearing.
  • Straight angel nail driving.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Ergonomic design for better application.


  • LED may malfunction in random applications.

3. 18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer 

Without a good or at least moderate nail firing speed, this impossible to complete carpentry smoothly. But this particular device brings a change in the scenario. It can drive over 50 nails in a minute – a smart number to finish carpentry at a good pace. Since it runs with batteries, the users need not worry about the compressors or gas costs.

Simultaneously, the simple design is ergonomic for the betterment of the carpentry. Users can hold the device with comfort. The brads can also penetrate up to two inches inside the wood. Consequently, the bondage between the woods turn stronger and offers a pleasant experience. When you need to make a small but accurate hole, this is the perfect piece.

The nail firing mode is the other feature to prefer the device. It has a single sequential firing feature with contact actuation. Earlier, people missed the places to drive the nails. But now there would be no such issues. Aiming in the right spot is ensured. The carpentry will get a distinctive look.


  • Rubberized molding for better comfort.
  • A Standard trigger for immediate response.
  • Tool-free depth drive adjustment.
  • LED lights with control button.
  • Slide open magazine.


  • Not suitable for major-scale operations.
  • Magazine area jams often.

4. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun

When you are looking for some heavy-duty brads, only a few selected devices can provide it. This Stanley product is one of them. It comes with a reliable driving power that can drive nails in both soft and hard types of materials and woods. Since it runs with electricity, it has an eight-feet power cord for smooth operation.

Moreover, the quick jam release feature is a blessing for the users. Whenever there would be a jam, you can remove it instantly. If you are serious about your DIY projects, this is a must for you. Your experience is not a factor; you can drive the nails inside woods with fewer efforts.

On the other hand, the nail gun weight is less than the other similar brad nailers as it is manufactured with an aluminum-plastic combination. Thereby, holding the gun for a long time won’t affect your performance.


  • Well designed.
  • Versatile applications with improved efficiency.
  • Several operation modes.
  • Budget-friendly for beginners.
  • Can drive several types of brads.


  • Sensitive trigger.
  • Lengthy cord.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC792LA 20V MAX Cordless Lithium 16GA Straight Finish Nailer Kit

Do you have any idea why people around the world prefer PORTER-CABLE products? Solely for perfection in the products and top quality manufacturing. A similar approach is applicable here too. The device we are reviewing runs with battery. Thus, you are free of hassles of compressors or gas cartridges.

Besides, this PCC792LA arrives with multiple tool-free features. It points out that the users can adjust or set the tool to meet their needs without applying a tool. The motor of the device is also durable and sturdy. It can drive brads on several surfaces like cutting butter with a knife. The magazine holds 100 nails at a time.

The LED lights are fresh addition with the tool and help to visualize the work space. The lightweight design is also adorable. Even the beginners can also use the device like a pro for less weight.


  • Multiple tool-free options for better performance.
  • Ergonomic design ensures smooth operation.
  • Consistent firing brad firing power.
  • Straight nailer.
  • Lockout switch for users’ safety.


  • A bit slow firing rate.

6. Valu-Air F50Q 2" 18 Gauge Air Brad Nailer

The mainstream experts always back the ideas of lightweight brad nailers. They say that lightweight devices are easy to hold. In fact, the end-level users are to hold the device for a reasonable period. And if the weight is more, it turns tough to hold the nailer all the time. Keeping in mind the issue, the manufacturer has produced this lightweight nailing gun.

Moreover, this best brad nailer can drive nails up to two inches while the working air pressure is moderate, as well. The air pressure range is around 110 PSI altogether while performing the nailing. The body construction is also adorable. The housing of the body is made of aluminum. The outcome is durability.

Wait! The device has something else to offer. There is a quick jam release feature. The users can remove the brad nails jams with the features in a twinkle of an eye. Basically, this is a common issue with the brad nailers. And the manufacturer addressed it adequately, here.


  • Comes with allen wrench.
  • Several types of applications.
  • 360-degree tool-free air exhaust.
  • Magazine holds up to 100 brad nails.
  • Reasonable in price.


  • May have marks on the woods after nailing.

7. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer, 2-Inch

Half of the carpentry tasks are completed if you have the right device in hand. Firing at a rapid speed helps to cut the overall timing while it also makes the projects more manageable. Makita AF505N is one of such latest devices that will lower your timing into half. The ultra-firing speed ensures the drive of the brads into the right depth.

Using the quick release jam lock, anyone can do it effortlessly. This is a tool-free feature. Moreover, the depth adjustment is also tool-free while the other nailers require tools to do this. The manufacturer also has attached a bumper to prevent untoward marks on the wood surfaces.

The manufacturer of the product keeps the design narrow for easy access in some narrow wood portions. Therefore, the users can drive the nails in those parts, as well. If you want to insert a brad into a confined area, you can easily do that with this gun.


  • An effortless operation for all types of users.
  • Simple depth adjustment.
  • Rubber bumpers safeguard the wood.
  • 180-degree hook.
  • Nail reload indicator for nail shortage


  • Short warranty period.

8. BOSTITCH Nail Gun, Brad Nailer, Smart Point, 18GA (BTFP12233)

BOSTITCH takes humble pride for this nail gun. This is an exciting brad nailer with some unique features. The most critical issue is that the device is an 18 gauge nailer. It can drive 18 brad nails in an inch. You do not need to struggle all day with your nailer for better performance. Rapid firing helps to finish the carpentry in a short time.

The mainstream brad nailers do not allow carpenters to work in a tight space. But there are no such issues with this device. Due to the special design, the carpenters can complete the projects in a confined space. Remodeling is not a big deal with the nailer gun. You can also perform some other minor carpentries with this brad gear.

It can prevent the splitting of woods and quickly adds the woods for a smarter look. The nose footprint is smaller in size. Consequently, the carpenters can place the nails in the right place and effectively. No manual effort is required to adjust the nails on the wood surface.


  • Comes with several accessories.
  • Magnesium housing ensures the durability of the device.
  • Smaller in size and shape, convenient for everyone.
  • Prevents staining due to oil-free feature.
  • Internal filter to prevent internal tool damage.


  • Suitable for irregular applications.

9. Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 2 in. 

Of course, money matters while buying the best brad nailer. You are not supposed to break into a bank to get dollars for the brad gun. So, if you opt for a reconditioned device, that would be a great solution. This Ryobi ZRP320 could be a potential solution for your carpentry.

Ideas surface around that the refurbished brad nailers are not up to the mark. But this is entirely a wrong concept. The product experiences several steps of diagnosis. So, it works generic and performs better than available other brad nailers. The manufacturer replaces the defective parts with the newer ones. Hence, there is no confusion about the performance.

This product comes with a cordless feature for the convenience of the users. All the other standard features of a brad nailer are present here. If you are low on budget, without a second thought, grab this product.


  • Prevents dry fire with the lockout feature
  • Low-nail indicator for convenience.
  • Weighs only 6.5 pounds.
  • Several brad firing modes.
  • Tool-free depth drive adjustment.


  • Only a 90-day warranty
  • No battery with the device, have to buy separately.

How to choose the best brad nailer? [Buying Guide]

This is a highly complex issue. The selection of the best brad nailer is indeed a daunting task. Without expert support, chances are higher that you may get the wrong product. The brad nailer manufacturers conduct a wide number of promotions for their products. They explain the features and other relevant benefits. But in reality, those are of no use.

The ordinary brad nailer users are in deep trouble with such issues. They cannot find the best carpentry gear for them. However, experts are on the view that if you get some specific opinions, the process becomes easier. So, few of the expert opinions are here. The explanations will guide the potential brad nailer buyers.

Types of brad nailer

There are two basic types of brad nailers available. One of them runs with the battery while the other one runs with electricity. In the second case, the users have to select the type of operation. If they want a hassle-free procedure, they can opt for the cordless one. But if the workspace is moderate, they can have the corded one. Both types have their merits and demerits.

Brand matters

On the other part, the brand is an important issue to consider. Generally, the brands provide with the best devices. The manufacturers are aware of their brand values. So, they do not mess with their clients. In fact, they try to uphold their profiles. So, if you get a branded brad nailer, surely you will have some specific benefits.

Firing speed, driving angel

Besides, you also need to check the firing speed. For a speedy completion of carpentry projects, you need a speedy device. If the firing is not up to the mark, you may experience a delay. Moreover, as a user, you may need to fire the brads at different speeds or angels.

For instance, you have to drive a brad into an angel. But if the brad nailer fires only in straight angel, you cannot do that. If you try to do so, either you will damage the wood, or the device may impair instantly. Hence, if the device allows you this particular option.

Body construction

Unless the body is not secure, you cannot expect a durable service. Some of the brad nailer manufacturers use durable metals to make the body. But in that case, the body gets heavier. Besides, using plastic materials also reduces their longevity. So, a combination of metal and solid plastic would be the best solution.

Therefore, check the body construction of the brad nailer before you decide to get it finally.

Nail size

Moreover, the users also need to check the nails. Remember, not all guns can fire a similar nail. Only specific guns can drive any specific nail inside the woods. Thereby, you need to be specific in this case. Getting a brad nailer for 16 gauge nails and inserting an 18 gauge nail in the magazine is foolish.

So, before you get the brad nailer, check the nail size. If the design does not match with the nails, check the one that fits most.

Consider the operational cost

Brad nailer users of the ordinary level also need to consider about the operational costs. Generally, the battery-run nailers are more economical than those with fuel. If you want to save your fuel cost, you can move for the cordless brad nailers. The performance level may slip slightly. But you can complete the carpentry with efficiency.

Safety features

Dry lockout is the most impressive safety feature of the best brad nailer. The feature helps to prevent untoward nail firing. If you use the features, you are safe from accidents. Besides, it also saves your brads from misuse. Thereby, experts always suggest checking these features. If the device has no such feature, leave it.

Low-nail indicator

When you are in carpentry, you will have less time to focus on the brad nailer issues. If the nails are low, you must have to reload the brad magazine. And getting some indications in prior helps to save your time. But if there are no such low-nail indicators, the nailer will suddenly stop operation.

LED lights for better visuals

When working in a relatively lower lighting condition, the necessities of LED light emerge. Luckily, some of the manufacturers provide LED lights with the device. So, it would be a wise decision if you get one of those. Check if the device comes with an LED lighting service.

The lights will illuminate the working space. And so, there are fewer chances of misfiring or physical injury.

Comfort while using the nailer

At the same time, comfort is another issue. As a brad nailer user, you might need to hold the device for a long time. There is no specific time prescribed to hold. You have to do it based on carpentry needs. Therefore, the design needs to be ergonomic. The ergonomic design will help to reduce fatigue.

Besides, the design will also assist in the speedy completion of the jobs.

Magazine load/ unload

The other issue that the users suffer in loading and unloading the brad magazine. Besides, nail jams also take place in the device, which causes inconvenience. But if the loading and unloading process is simple, the device can provide better performance.

Safety tips while using a brad nailer

Safety is one of the most important issues to consider while operating with brad nailers. If the users are unaware, they can face serious physical injury. Experts have specific recommendations for safety during a brad nailer operation. They are as below.

  • Using safety gear: experts always request to use the right types of brad nailers. The safety gears will protect from any unwanted event like piercing nails or any other physical injury.
  • Check the device: moreover, the users need to check the brad nailers before application. The nailer might be switched on, and you press the trigger accidentally. Besides, the battery may get low, or the fuel is not up to the mark to complete the carpentry. If you check them, the projects will go smooth.
  • Get some practice: before apply the brad nailer on your project(s); you need to have some mock tests. It will help to adjust with the nailer and prevent accidents.

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Last words

Hope you are like an expert about selecting the best brad nailer from the information above. Selection of the right brad nailer would not be an issue now onwards. Knowing the information helps a lot to have the best product amid a thousand others. So, we love to share the facts with you.

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