Best 18 gauge brad nailer reviews you should not miss for DIY carpentry

Carpentry is not the cup of tea for everyone. It needs a specific set of skills and, of course, instruments. The role of a brad nailer is undeniable. So, you will get some of the necessary information about the brad nailer, especially the best 18 gauge brad nailer.

Brad Nailer- what it is?

People who trim woods are highly familiar with brad nailers. This is a type of nailer that bonds the wood components for different lightweight applications. Basically, the brad nailer is suitable for minor-scale projects, especially for hobby or trimming or molding. The nails of brad nailers are thinner.

Using a nailing gun, the nails are penetrated inside the wood surface. The gun is known as brads and available everywhere.

What is 18 gauge nailer?

This is a crucial point to focus on. An 18 gauge nailer is the type of a nailer that can drive 18 nails in per inch. So, the nail sizes are too narrow. They help to attach different kinds of light woods together for any minor-scale carpentry projects.

Brad Nailer types

There are two basic types of brad nailers available. They are

  • Pneumatic brad nailer
  • Electric brad nailer
  • Pneumatic brad nailer- they are the nailer that operates using compressed air. The force of the compressed air inserts the nail inside the wood.
  • Electric brad nailer- such nailers run on battery. And they are heavier in weight due to the motor. So, the users need some moments to get used to with this nailer.

Brad Nailers Manufacturing Materials

Usually, the brad nailers are made with durable metal or plastic materials. For the housing of the nailers, the manufacturers use durable light metals like aluminum. Using steel or other types of metals in the body makes it tough to handle. The weight of the nailer gets a hike.

Besides, some of the brad nailer parts are made with stainless steel or metal. They help to provide durable and lengthy service.

Safety while using a brad nailer

Generally, a brad nailer is a safe device to deal with. But if you are unaware of the safety issues, you might get injured. Moreover, the injury may take a severe turn, as well. So, experts recommend to follow specific safety measures. They are explained here in a nutshell.

Wear safety gears

It may sound weird, but wearing safety gear will help to protect from untoward situations. You must wear gloves, protective shoes, and goggles.

Read the operation manual

To get some accurate ideas about the other safety features, experts also advocate for reading the manual. The manual contains all the necessary instructions that will help to remain safe.

Loading and unloading

Some of the beginners injure them while loading or unloading the brad nailer. Before you load the nail gun, check if it is switched off or not. If it is switched on, check the trigger safety. And in case of the trigger safety absence, you need to shut the device down. Follow the same method while unloading it.

Working surface

Moreover, you need to be careful about the working surface of the brad nailer. Make sure the surface is even. Pressing the trigger on an odd surface may result in nail bouncing. As a result, you may experience some sort of injury.

Thereby, select an even surface or check the woods have no such odd spaces to nail.

Best 18 gauge brad nailers 

It was not easy for us to select the best 18 gauge brad nailers. Our research team extensively conducted research on at least 30 brad nailers. Finally, they have recommended the items explained below.

1. Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Hitachi is one of the leading global brad nailer manufacturers. This particular nailer is suitable for several types of carpentries, including roofing or to finish something. Moreover, this is a pneumatic product and thus serves nicely. The worries about the budget are gone now because of the relatively lower price.

The less weight of the device makes it more attractive. It weighs only 2.2 pounds. The nailer comes with the base of aluminum and holds around 100 nails in the magazine. The magazine indicator notifies the number of nails.

The other surprising issue is that the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for this product. Many of the brad nailers are unable to provide such an extended warranty period confidently. The ergonomic design also helps in making the user experience comfortable.


  • Best for delicate wood works.
  • Several nail firing modes.
  • Dry fire lockout.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • High-capacity nail magazine.
  • Depth accuracy ensured.


  • May get damaged if applied in heavy jobs.

Why did we pick the model? 

A few reasons have compelled us to select this one. This is an expensive brad nailer with several standard features. Moreover, it can perform effectively and within a short time. The nail containing length in the magazine is up to the mark.

2. DEWALT Finish Nailer Kit, 18GA, 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch (DWFP12231)

Sometimes, the situations turn confusing while selecting a brad nailer. DEWALT is a great producer of such products. Assessing the needs of the users of all levels, this Finish Nailer Kit arrives with the solution. The internal setting of the device is up to the standard. So, the users need not reset the settings.

Besides, the device is able to perform on different surfaces. The jam release feature is the other aspect that you will love most. The tool-free feature removes the jam so quickly that a beginner can release it like an expert.

The 18 gauge nails of this nailer can penetrate to around 2 inches inside a wood. As a result, the bonding of woods becomes more durable. At the same time, the rubber grip provides a comfortable feel while using it.


  • Tool-free depth adjustment.
  • Adjustable belt hook.
  • Simple application process.
  • Battery-run device for comfortable mobility.
  • Maintenance-free motor for durable performance.
  • Depth accuracy ensured.


  • Parts replacement relatively tougher. 

Why did we pick this model?

When you are tired of looking for a more durable device, you can rely on this one. Made with top-quality materials, the device ensures smooth operation with higher sustainability. Besides, it does not need any prior maintenance. Therefore, our expert found it as the best 18 gauge brad nailer.

3. WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

At times, even the expert guy needs an easy-to-use brad nailer. Situations do not allow them to use their expertise in nailing projects. So, this WEN 61720 is a relief for them. The device comes with some standard, fascinating, and adorable features. Besides, it is sufficient for most of the minor DIY projects.

The device weighs around 5 pounds due to its die-cast metallic body. The quick-release magazine helps to load or unload the nails quickly. Further, the depth adjustment is also hassle-free. So, you can select the nail depth based on your needs. The price is reasonable, as well.

The device can perform for a long time without causing any problem. The design of the product prevents to have any strange effects on the woods. You can aim simply and then press the trigger to insert the nail.


  • Relatively lightweight body with cast-aluminum.
  • Rubberized handle for firm gripping.
  • Effortless jam clearing.
  • Suites different level of users.
  • Less mechanical complexities.


  • The design needs further improvement.
  • Frequent jamming.

Why did we pick this model? 

The hardware stores are flooded with numerous brad nailers of different brands. But having the best quality within a reasonable budget is hard. This particular model is the combination of your budget and other basic DIY needs. So, we have selected it.

4. Freeman PBR50Q Pneumatic 18-Gauge 2" Brad Nailer 

If you are looking for a suitable brad nailer for minor scale carpentry, this Freeman PBR50Q is the perfect one. The product has been designed for practical woodworking. It has a quick jam release feature to save time. Besides, the users can use the gun in the baseboard, installation of windows, among others.

The device is also suitable as it has a tool-free depth adjustment feature. The users can adjust the depth using their fingertips. Moreover, assembling the equipment is too simple. The users are happy with the compatibility of the device with around 2 inches of nails.

The lightweight body is also usable in almost everywhere. The Freeman PBR50Q arrives with a comfortable grip handle with the anodized aluminum cylinder. The magazine is also made with the same materials for durability. The exhaust is adjustable up to 360 degrees.


  • Accurate aiming on wood surface.
  • The quick jam release feature.
  • Anti-dust cap.
  • Seven-year warranty.
  • Fits in different applications.


  • The gun misses nails often.

Why did we pick this model?

While buying a brad nailer, affordability is a big issue of concern. A large number of potential brad nailer users step back in getting the right device for them when the price is higher. This particular brad nailer ensures all the standard features for all internal and external carpentry jobs.

5. Senco FinishPro 18 18 Gauge Sequential Brad Nailer with Case

To remodel your home interior or exterior, you will need this Senco FInishPro 18. The product arrives with the best available features while its assembly is simple too. The device is a blessing for the beginners and those dealing with DIY.

Experts recommend this product for efficiency. It can insert the nail right inside the aiming point. The product is more comfortable for the lightweight design and as it reduces fatigue. Besides, the device has excellent nailing speed. And thus, the users can perform the jobs in a short time.

Portability is the other feature that makes it adorable. Carrying the device to any work is more comfortable, while the other contemporary devices lack the feature. The heavy-duty design ensures the durability of this brad nailer too. The natural open latch ensures the quick loading and unloading of nails.


  • Can drive over 2 inches of nails.
  • A powerful device for different surfaces.
  • Exhaust located in the rear part.
  • Lightweight (2.9 pounds only).
  • Versatile application.


  • Comes with no oil.

Why did we pick this model?

For a versatile application, this particular device is an excellent fit for everyone. The brad nailer ensures the right pressure to drive the nails. Moreover, the rear bumper is provided for additional security. The price of the product is also reasonable. Based on all the grounds, we have selected this model.

6. SENCO FinishPro® 18MG, 2-1/8" 18-Gauge Brad Nailer (ProSeries)

At times, the users need some lightweight devices for their home carpentry. This is the perfect match that comes with all the necessary features and flexibility. You cannot determine the frequency of using a brad nailer. And if you cannot use the device in the right moment, the carpentry remains incomplete.

This simple brad nailer is an excellent solution for everyday use. The manufacturing material is durable and ensures longevity. Due to the lightweight, there are no fatigues, and users can hold the device as long as they need it. Freedom of movement is here, and it runs without oil.

The trigger of the device is selective, that allows users to set their shots prior. If you consider the price, it will appear reasonable. In fact, there are fewer guns that come with so many features within this budget range.


  • User-friendly device.
  • Suits every level of users.
  • Ensures accuracy during the operation.
  • Lightweight tool for speedy action.
  • Prevents oil from spinning as it does not use oil.


  • No dry firing lock.

Why did we pick this model?

Due to versatile applications, the brad nailer has gained popularity among global users. Besides, the wood fastening methods are also up to the mark due to the triggering system. If you are a beginner, you will be amazed at the gun. The user-friendly design, the price, and incredible performance – all have made it one of the best nailing guns.

7. WEN 61741 4-in-1 18-Gauge Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

This is unfortunate that a notable number of brad nailers cannot drive nails of 2 inches. Thanks to the manufacturer. This specific brad nailer is an exception. It can drive up to 2 inches of nails in different wood surfaces. Besides, the nailer could be used in different angels.

The spring-loaded fasteners make the jobs easier for the users. Using the quick release, it is easier to get rid of the nail jams. The addition of the carrying case is another exciting feature that is not present in the other such tools.

Being a pneumatic device also has some specific benefits. Driving the narrow nails has never been so simple before.


  • Versatile applications.
  • Easy nail jam clearing.
  • Rubber grip for extra comfort.
  • 45-degree angle shooting


  • Oil cleaning is unpleasant for many users.

Why did we pick this model? 

Driving the small nails inside a wood surface is tough indeed. In the market, most of the brad nailers fail to perform this job efficiently while this particular nailer can do it in no time. Besides, the adjustable air exhaust is the other benefit while using it. So, counting all such features, we have selected it.

8. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA

No matter if you want to explore some interior or exterior DIY carpentry. This PORTER-CABLE device is always there for filling the needs. This device runs with a battery, and so, it is free of the compressor and economical for every user. The driving depth is the other issue that attracts the attention of the users.

Fatigue reduces productivity unintentionally. It happens as the carpenters do not feel comfortable with the devices. But the PORTER-CABLE device is an exception. It prevents fatigue and consistently drives nails. Moreover, being a tool-free device, it also takes less time to perform the jobs.

The battery runs for a long time while it takes less time for charging, as well. The 3-year warranty is the other reasons for preferring it. Experts love this device for this official warranty. As an ordinary user, you can claim the warranty under certain conditions.


  • Lithium-ion battery for longer performance.
  • Easy portability.
  • Unique motor design for exceptional nailing.
  • A comfortable and safe device.
  • The magazine contains 100 nails at a time.


  • Some may face trouble in driving nails straight.

Why did we pick this model?

The application of LED lights helps to brighten the working space. This is a plus, especially for working at night times or low lighting conditions. Moreover, the error indicator prevents the misfire of nails. The sequential firing mode and the trigger lock mechanism make it a perfect device. Therefore, we have selected this product.

9. BOSTITCH Nail Gun, Brad Nailer, Smart Point, 18GA

Do you know why the nails are misfired or why the nail wastes happen? Well, the answer is simple. The first and the second one take place as the carpenters cannot aim correctly. When they are driving nails, they miss the locations. But the smart point technology of these products helps to prevent the issues.

The sentences are always favoring this product for its effectiveness. The speedy nailing gun can fire the nails deep inside the woods with a strong bond. The ergonomic designs, body, handle, and overall performance is adorable. DIY remodeling at home is not a big deal now if you have this brad nailer.

Oftentimes, assembly of the brad nailers appears tiring. The smart fitting technology brings relief in the process. By using the belt hook, carrying has become easier for this device.


  • Swivel fitting up to ¼ inch.
  • 1000 brads with the device.
  • The tool-free jam release feature.
  • Less weight.
  • Free of oil contamination.


  • Not that much durable as expected.

Why did we pick this model?

If you want to get all the latest features of a brad nailer at a reasonable price, it’s the perfect one. The manufacturer has provided some additional accessories with the device. Furthermore, the device is suitable for various types of woods. Therefore, we have selected this device.

Last Words

Now, you are aware of the best 18 gauge brad nailer. In fact, this is hard to select the best one amid the hundreds of brad nailers around. The mainstream beginners in carpentry make the mistakes for the alluring advertisements. Without knowing the key features, they run after the cheap products. Consequently, they have a bitter experience.

However, with the reviews here, they will get some in-depth knowledge about the brad nailers. It would not be difficult for them to have the most suitable one now.